Why Every Business Needs ADA Compliant Signs

ADA compliant signsThe Americans with Disabilities Act was a major step forward in ensuring that every American felt welcome and comfortable in public spaces. But it’s not just about feeling welcome—it’s about making your customers feel welcome. Why do you need ADA compliant signs? It’s for more than just people with disabilities—it’s for building a safe, navigable space that everyone can enjoy. Here are just a few reasons you need to think about ADA compliance sooner rather than later.

ADA Signs Work for All Customers

Although those with disabilities might represent a strong section of your business, there are plenty of benefits for all of your regular customers:

  • Getting around isn’t always as easy as you think, particularly for first-time customers who don’t know their way to the bathroom. ADA-compliant signs serve the same purpose as any other signs, helping direct the eye to ensure customers aren’t always asking for help at the front desk.
  • Exit marking. Keeping your exits well-advertised is important for keeping foot traffic flowing, particularly in the busy hours. “Not an Exit” signs are just as vital, especially if you have customers constantly finding the wrong way. If you have a tricky, labyrinth-like space, these signs aren’t just nice to have—they’re vital.

ADA Signs Serve a Broader Swath of Clientele

Just as you wouldn’t discriminate against anyone for having a visual impairment, you wouldn’t want them to feel out of place when it comes to the physical space of your business. That’s why using braille on your ADA-compliant signs, for example, helps keep those with disabilities in the loop, able to navigate themselves and remain comfortable in your space.

This isn’t just true of one particular disability either. 100% of those interested in your business should have the access they need to at least check out your space.

Liability and Legality

There’s no getting around it—you need to keep your space up to high standards if you want to ensure minimal liability should there ever be a problem of access or, even worse, an accident of some sort. Your space should not only mark its areas accurately but should also have everything that someone with a disability might need to get around comfortably. Doing so will not only ensure that your customers are happy, but will help protect your business from lawsuits and other legal issues that might pop up along the way.

ADA Compliant Signs Are Simple

The great news about ADA compliance? It’s easy. It’s simple. ADA compliant signs are easy to spot but don’t interfere with the décor and ambiance of your space. And if you contact a signage company that understands ADA compliance, you’ll find that the process of bringing your space up to par isn’t the major obstacle you once thought it was.

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