Advertising and Color Psychology


Appeal to your clients with color

Every entrepreneur should exert effort and time into advertising in order to attract customers. One of the necessary things to learn in advertising is using color psychology as a means of appealing to your target market.

Why give emphasis on colors? Experts believe that colors have an effect on our physical and psychological states. Colors reach out to our subconscious and create a positive or negative reaction within 90 seconds. Improper use of colors for your ads can convey the wrong messages or mislead your customers.

Avoid the temptation of insisting on using your favorite color even if it doesn’t suit your marketing materials. Whether it’s a banner, business card, leaflet, magnetic sign or window lettering, you need to make the right choices for the colors. Consider your target audience over your personal preference.
Color perceptions varies depending on an individual’s culture, ethnicity, gender, and age.

red-wedding-dressColor perceptions varies depending on an individual’s culture, ethnicity, gender, and age. If you have a global business, be sensitive to your target audience from different parts of the world. For example, if you are selling wedding gowns worldwide, it is wise to have a different ad for each location. A model wearing a red gown would appeal to your Chinese customers, while a model garbed in white would suit the tastes of most of your Western customers. If you have a vague understanding of the cultural aspects of color psychology, you can make huge mistakes in your marketing strategies.

Researchers have also found out that colors have an effect on our shopping habits. Impulsive buyers tend to respond to black, red-orange, and royal blue. Spendthrifts respond best to sky blue, navy, teal, and pink. Conservative ones react to pastels like baby blue, pink, and rose.

Here are examples of colors commonly used in North American advertising and their meanings:

whiteWhite – Symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and youthfulness. It is the best background color for websites.  It is being used for clinics and hospitals to represent  sterility. Fat-free dairy products, additive-free foods, and skin care lines are best suited for this color.


blackBlack – Symbolizes authority, elegance, seduction, and mystery. It is suitable as a background color for an ad since it goes well with most colors. If you want your ads to exude drama, luxury, and class, pick this color. Masculine cosmetics, designer goods, and five-star hotels are best suited for this color.


brownBrown – Symbolizes dependability, efficiency, humility, and solidity. It does not attract attention like primary colors but it gives a vibe of trustworthiness. Males respond well to this ad especially with tinges of red, orange, and yellow. Furniture, lumber, and, hunting and sporting gear are best suited for this color.


purplePurple – Symbolizes dignity, mystery, regency, and spirituality. In ancient times it was regarded as a rarity because it is uncommon in nature. It exudes creativity, femininity, and romanticism, making it an ideal choice for ads that are targeted for the female market. It also gives a touch of class to cheap and simple products.


redRed – Symbolizes excitement, passion, speed, and strength. It is the most powerful and striking of colors. It should be a prominent color for ads that suggest fast-paced action like comic books, computer games, and fast-food restaurants.


pinkPink – Symbolizes comfort, femininity, gentleness, and well-being. Besides, lady-likeness, it induces temporary calmness  and relaxation. It is a favorite color of choice for products like toilet paper, hypoallergenic toiletries, and baby products.


blueBlue – Symbolizes authority, dignity, faithfulness, and dignity. It suggests sanctuary and fiscal responsibility. Unlike warm colors, blue is associated with clear thinking and productivity. From electronics to grooming products to educational materials, it is a flexible choice of color for their advertising.


yellowYellow – Symbolizes alertness, cheerfulness, happiness, and warmth. It enhances concentration and appeals to intellectuals. Products associated with vitality and stimulus, such as food supplements and sports equipment choose this as their main color. It is also suitable for promoting feel-good social activities and events sponsored by a company.


orangeOrange – Symbolizes ambition, endurance, pleasure, and strength. Products associated with energy and vigor such as energy drinks, adventure trip packages, and theme parks are well-defined by this color. Businesses that are made for mass marketing like fast food outlets and motels can use this color to tell customers that they are getting the most value for their money.


greenGreen – Symbolizes freedom, freshness, nature, and tranquility. It relaxes the eye and has soothing effects. It is usually associated with finance and growth, making it fit for insurance plans and saving schemes. It suits energy-boosting tonics, health spas, and eco-friendly products well.

So when choosing a color for your sign or marketing piece, these are great things to keep in mind.

Article reposted from Penny to Dollar.