How Advertising Can Help Build a Brand


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Have you ever felt an attachment for the company for the strangest reason?

Maybe you have an old mug that you won for free at a raffle a long time ago. You might not think about it much, but every time you pour a cup of coffee for yourself in the morning, you see that company’s name, logo, and website.

Maybe you have a glass in your cupboard, and you don’t even remember how it first got there. But it’s a glass belonging to a local business—say, a plumber—and when it comes time for you to get your faucet fixed, there’s only one name you can think of.

Advertising specialties like mugs, cups, sports bottles, and the like may not seem like a boon to your business, but you’d be surprised at the monumental effect they can have on your ability to brand your company.

Using Advertising to Promote Your Brand

You might not think that having your mug in someone’s kitchen is going to change your business overnight. And that’s correct. But you should look at what advertising strategies allow you to do if you really want to see how you can improve your marketing:

  • Giveaways and free incentives help you live up to one of the pillars of Robert Cialdini’s “Influence,” which is the principle of reciprocity. By giving away free gifts like the promo items you see in our advertising specialties, you can entice a customer to sign up for your newsletter, or to receive your coupons, or to enter your contest. These incentives in and of themselves don’t always make the sale—but sometimes, they do make the lead.
  • Getting known in your local community sometimes means donating prizes and other goodies to local contests. When an organization thanks you for your sponsorship, or simply for donating prizes to their raffle, you can integrate yourself into the community simply because your name is being mentioned at local events.

Advertising specialties and promotion items don’t always make the sale themselves, but they can help spread awareness in the minds of potential customers who otherwise wouldn’t have considered your company.

Craft a Unique Message

If you do want to make more sales as a result of effective use of promotional items, however, you can.

It requires crafting a unique message and being clear about what your brand can offer customers. Consider the difference between a coffee mug that simply says “Jim’s Lawn Service” with a website. Not very enticing—it just reads like a business card. But what if that coffee mug said “Make your lawn greener—guaranteed” on the side? Now that’s the kind of challenge that just might motivate your customer to check out a website or pick up the phone.

At Sign It Quick can help you craft a unique brand as part of your promotional item usage, often at costs that are much lower than you might think. If you’re interested in finding out, be sure to contact us to get a quote for your next major branding effort.