Architectural Signage: Make a Real Marketing Statement


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No matter what your marketing strategy, the first step is always the same: you must command attention. There may be no better way for some businesses to command that attention than with Architectural Signage. These signs, often referred to as “monument signs,” are placed in combination with a notable architectural piece, often brick.

If you want your business to command attention from the start, then your signage has to be up to the task. Not only will architectural signage help customers and prospects identify your location, but they’ll create a monumental shift in the way your business is perceived by the public.

Why Invest in an Architectural Signage?

When you invest in an architectural sign, you’re making a commitment. You’re investing in a small piece of architecture, after all. Even if your sign’s foundation is a single, rectangular structure, you’re going to want to know why you’re putting your money in a sign like this.

There are two essential features to architectural signs that are difficult to get from only one sign. The first is attention. There’s a reason it’s so easy to find a gas station’s prices—the sign is so high and so unique that it’s hard to miss them. Putting your own sign on an individualized structure will command similar attention.

The second essential feature is visual weight. Placing your sign on a small monument draws attention and implies importance to the sign’s content, which is appropriate for a number of different businesses and organizations.

Who Benefits the Most from Architectural Signage?

While individual goals may vary, there’s no mistaking the fact that certain businesses can get a lot of use from these types of monument signs, including:

  • Movie theaters
  • Medical and dental centers
  • Apartments and retirement communities
  • Subdivisions
  • Community and municipal buildings

Other companies find that architectural signs are ideal ways to give people directions, such as pointing out the central location of your business.

How to Create Your Own Architectural Signage Strategy

If you want to add to the visual weight of your business and you’ve decided that a monument sign or architectural sign is the way to go, there are a few tips you should follow:

  • Be thorough in your research. Don’t be afraid to make mockups and take your time to choose the specific place your monument sign will appear. You’ll also want to check with local zoning rules to ensure that your property can host this kind of structure without running into any troubles.
  • Know your message. A monument sign will give a lot of weight to your message. Do you have a message worth stating? Even if you simply want to announce your location to the world, make sure that you have a logo that you can stand behind.
  • Consider the landscape. Your monument or architectural sign will appear in the context of your landscape. You may find that it’s a good idea to invest in some landscaping (including shrubbery and mulch) to isolate the area around the monument and make it stand out even more.

If that seems like a lot to digest, then simply Request a Quote with Sign It Quick. We’ll guide you through the process of acquiring effective architectural signage for your business.