Business Signs For Vehicles – 5 Tips To Success

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your ad play during the Superbowl, in front of millions? What if you could do that over the course of the year? That’s what can happen when you use business signs for vehicles to advertise in front of as many as 17 million people annually. While this is a considerably cheap alternative to airtime during Superbowl halftime, it doesn’t mean your investment is always guaranteed. We have some tips for making the most of your vehicle signage.

Get Noticed

The most important thing here is to get noticed. Vehicle Wraps & Graphics can essentially transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard—that is, if you do it right. Wvehicle wrapsith a full vehicle wrap, you’ll not only attract attention, but you’ll be able to communicate plenty about your business in a short amount of time.

Think About Your “Elevator Pitch”

The “elevator pitch” is the shortest way you describe what it is you’re selling. If you can’t do it in thirty seconds or fewer, it’s not an elevator pitch.

Think of the “vehicle” pitch as even shorter: a sentence or two at most. After that, you lose the attention of your potential audience. Think about a slogan and a simple website—that’s it. Too much information and you run the risk of not being read at all.

Brand Yourself

It’s great to post up information about your business and hope that someone contacts you. But how can you make your business more memorable? By committing to a brand—a specific logo, a specific color scheme, a specific way of doing things. Your brand will be more memorable than any logo because it’s about how you do things…not necessarily what your logo looks like.

Remember Negative Space

Look at your car. Most of it is likely a solid color—what we’ll call “negative space.” If you were to fill up every inch of that negative space with a sign of some sort, it would be the same as keeping that space negative. With business signs for vehicles, distractions like these are just filtered out by your audience.

If you’re not using a full vehicle wrap, make the most of your sign. Remember, people are busy. They’re driving. They’re filling their tank with gas. Make it easy for them to read your sign and incorporate that negative space to highlight your main message: your slogan or

business along with simple contact information, such as a website.

Get Some Assistance

If you’ve never done a vehicle wrap or graphic yourself, think about enlisting the help of signage experts. Not only can they help you specifically design your unique business sign for vehicles, they can give you advice for the best possible match designed for your vehicle.

Request a quote with Sign It Quick today to launch an advertisement that can produce dividends all year long.