Attract More Customers With Car Door Magnet Signs

Where can your business grab more eyes? The answer is obvious and all around you, yet too few business owners realize it. It’s the road, of course. If you lead a road-active life, your car, truck, or van is seen by thousands and thousands of people every day. And with car door magnet signs on your vehicle, you can capture some of that exposure to help your business generate the buzz it needs. Here are just a few of the buzz-generating benefits of car door magnet signs in Charleston, SC.

Maximize Your Brand Exposure

Perhaps the primary benefit of advertising on your vehicle is that it’s almost like a free billboard. If you were to place a giant billboard on the side of a busy highway, you might be expected to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars on a regular basis. That’s because your advertisement gets exposed to millions of eyes every single year.

But you can show off your brand to the heavy traffic of the road without buying a billboard. A car door magnet can be bold, featuring a number of brand-consistent colors, without also being distracting. Or it can grab attention of those stopped next to you in traffic. Whatever your goal, you can generate buzz by maximizing your brand exposure on your vehicle.

On-Duty and Off-Duty Customization

One of the primary reasons people don’t put signage on their vehicle? Because their vehicle doubles as a personal vehicle. Few people want to show up to holiday events and friendly get-togethers with their company name splattered all over their car.

But with car door magnets, this isn’t a concern. They can be attached quickly and just as easily removed. That means if you use a personal vehicle for work, you can still receive the buzz-generating advantages that come with vehicle advertising without any of the hang-ups that come when you’re off-duty.


One of the best parts of using a car door magnet sign is that it’s so easy to use. You can snap it on when you want to get extra exposure for your business—including when you’re on-duty—or snap it off when you want an ordinary vehicle again. Or you can leave it on a business vehicle for consistent use. Once it’s on, all you have to do is use your business vehicle like you would on any other day—the design of the sign itself will handle the rest of the work.

To make sure that happens, it’s important to get the design right. You’ll want the following elements on your car door magnet for maximum exposure:

  • Bright, contrasting colors. The unique part about using car door magnets? You have your vehicle’s color to consider. That should be worked into the design, not ignored.
  • Information for further use. A phone number, a website—anything that a potential customer can take action on. It’s important to give them a “next step” when they are interested.

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