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When you need your business to be seen from the road, nothing works quite like a commercial yard sign. But not any old yard sign will do. If you want to generate buzz, communicate value, and get more attention to your business, you’ll want to opt for a local provider of high-quality commercial yard signs in Charleston.

3 Advantages of Commercial Yard Signs

A commercial yard sign is more than just an opportunity to announce your presence. When you find the right match for your business, your sign will accomplish a lot more, including:

  • Enhanced visibility. Putting up a plain white sign with thin lettering might be a cheap option, but you’d be surprised at how little it gets read on the road. When you put up a commercial yard sign, you want people to actually find it and read Better font, color, and contrast can enhance that readability and get better results.
  • Improved prestige. If you’re trying to build buzz for your auto dealership, medical/legal practice, or even high-end condominiums, you need to communicate a sense of prestige and value. Higher quality commercial yard signs constructed specifically for your space can communicate prestige before you even choose what words will appear on your sign.
  • Generating buzz. If you’ve only broken ground on the site but want people to wonder what’s next, a professional yard sign can be an affordable way to do that. A simple sign that hints at the future of the site will get people taking about your space, especially if you have a prominent location.

Put it all together and you realize that there’s a lot that a yard sign can do to enhance your business’s profile. But there are a few principles you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure that happens.

business yard signs

How to Create a Great Commercial Yard Sign

The first goal here: visibility. Anyone can put a sign out there and hope for the best. What a quality local signage company in Charleston can do for you, however, is better understand the area and what types of signs tend to get results. And those are always the signs that offer contrast from their surroundings with maximum visibility.

Next, you’ll want to pick the right location. In some cases, this may be easy—you put the sign near the one spot of your location that has access to the road. In other cases, you might have multiple areas that will have high visibility. Rather than crowd the area with too many signs to look at, it’s generally better to give potential customers one sign to focus on.

Finally, you’ll want to work with a team that has experience in crafting signs for businesses like yours. At Sign It Quick, we have produced a large range of commercial yard signs across just about every business type in Charleston, SC.

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