Company Yard Signs: Generate Buzz in a Hurry


Business Yard SignsWhen you hear the phrase “yard sign”, what do you think? You might imagine red, white and blue political signs. Or you might picture temporary signs that say something like “Landscaping by A&B Company.” But when it comes to getting the most from your signage, you probably didn’t know the full range of possibilities when you use business yard signs.

A business yard sign doesn’t have to have a political message. It certainly doesn’t even have to be temporary. And it doesn’t have to look like it came from the dollar store. If you stick to a few tried-and-true principles, you can use a business yard sign to generate maximum buzz for your business.  

Step One: Introduce a Little Mystery

Yard signs are very popular for temporary sites. If you’re building on a certain plot of land, why not take advantage of that fact? “Under construction” signs are very popular even on the Internet, where online countdowns and mysterious phrases invite people to sign up in order to get information as soon as it’s available. There’s no reason you can’t use this strategy, too.

Sure, anyone paying attention to the local news will have an idea of what’s going up on your site. But if you have some prime real estate upon which you haven’t erected a building yet, why not take advantage of that real estate? Instead of “Future Home of A&B Company,” come up with a much more vague headline for a temporary business yard sign that gets people guessing at what your unique selling point is. The more people talk about what’s to come, the more you’ll have their attention when you make official announcements.

Step Two: Convey the Most Actionable Information Possible

It’s great to have a business yard sign up at your business that lets people know you’re there. Something simple, like this, is ideal if your sole goal is to provide basic directions: basic-directions

But you can do a lot more with your signage if you really think about what your customer might need to take action and engage your business. For example, this family dentistry sign includes a large, bold-lettered phone number:


It’s important that you don’t just identify yourself—you should also take the time to explain what it is that customers should do next. Post up a website, add your hours of operation, include a phone number—whatever the most frequent question you get from customers may be, included it in bold letters, right out front.

Get More from Your Business Yard Signs

It’s not enough to label yourself. You also have to stand out. That’s why we at Sign It Quick provide signage that doesn’t only include professional design and high-contrast elements to stand out, but include marketing tips as part of a synergistic approach to your signage. If you need to make a splash with your next business yard sign, get in touch with Sign It Quick and learn just how easily you can start generating some major buzz.