Custom ADA Compliant Signs: Why You Need Them


ADA compliant signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act was landmark legislation passed in 1990. The goal was to provide people with disabilities the capacity to move about freely in restaurants, businesses, and in the public sphere. But while you may be ADA compliant already, if you don’t have the right sign to show it, you could be turning away business.

Custom ADA Compliant Signs Help You Boost Visibility (When Appropriate)

If you have a small, ADA compliant sign that you ordered online somewhere in your place of business, that’s great. But that doesn’t mean the sign is doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to inform those with disabilities—and those who assist them—by being easy to discover and clear in their content.

Even ADA-compliant signs as simple as showing where the stairs or elevators can be found need to be placed in high-visibility areas with braille so that everyone can find their way around your space. In many cases, these signs help all customers find their way around.

So why do you need a custom sign? Because your space isn’t a cookie-cutter space. You have unique twists and turns that require unique ADA-compliant signage. After all, you may know your way around, but no one there for the first time will have any clue.

Your Custom ADA Compliant Signs Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s no reason that your ADA compliance should get in the way of effective design—nor the control you have over your business atmosphere. With custom ADA compliant signage, you’ll be able to match the signage to your business within the leeway allowed under the regulations. This will ensure that you can do your best to accommodate everyone while maintaining tight control over how you want your business to look on the inside.

Your Custom Signs will Encourage Customers of All Types

When you put up high-quality ADA compliant signage around your space, more is happening than showing those with disabilities where to expect things. You’re also showing that you’ve opened your business to all types of people, which is a great message to send.

Believe it or not, those who know people with disabilities will make purchasing decisions based on how easy it is to access your business. Custom signage allows you to go above and beyond the requirements of the ADA and accommodate anyone.

Custom Signage Will Provide Consistency

If you buy your ADA-compliant signage piecemeal, there’s a good chance that the signage will do its job—but little else. After all, one sign bought here and another bought there can lead to an inconsistency that’s confusing and takes away from your ambiance.

Custom signage, on the other hand, will address this problem by providing a consistency in color and texture that makes it easier to follow each sign.

If you’re interested in receiving all of these benefits—and many more—then get a custom ADA compliant sign, from Sign It Quick, or simply request a quote for your next project.