Unconventional Uses For Custom Backlit Signs


We all know why businesses need backlit and illuminated signs: staying visible at all hours of the day. It’s a simple mathematic equation—the longer your sign gets seen, the more you’re going to attract attention. And while the conventional use of the illuminated sign is simple enough to understand, that doesn’t mean that night-time business are the limits of the backlit sign. We have a few suggestions for less conventional uses of custom backlit signs that are no less effective.

illuminated signsFunny Messages

If you have a backlit sign upon which you can post custom messages every day, you can use that opportunity to have a little fun. This is particularly great for light-hearted businesses, including restaurant chains. Make puns, rhymes, and funny observations on your sign, using the backlit feature to ensure that the message lasts all day. Not only will it get people talking about your signs, but it will get people talking about your business.

Open & Closed

Maybe this one steers you a little closer to the conventional, but it’s no less effective—by extending your “open/closed” sign out near the street with an illuminated sign, you’ll have far fewer customers straggling in when you’re getting ready for work. It’s also a great way to attract business because customers like to know that once they walk into a building, they’ll be welcome. A backlit “open” sign does more than just inform—it also attracts.

illuminated signsHighlight Secondary Attraction

Let’s say you run a bank. You want to announce to the world that you’re open and that your bank is here and ready for business. But what if you have something else that draws a lot of customer attention? Illuminating a section of a sign—such as mentioning that you have a 24-hour ATM—is a great way to not only attract those customers but to show off exactly how convenient your bank’s services really are.

Employ Negative Space

One of the most effective ways to use your space unconventionally is to employ negative space—that is, empty space on the sign. You don’t want your sign’s content to be so small that you can’t read it, but it’s also important that you stand out from the crowd. Utilizing negative space can highlight a unique logo or get people more interested in what your business has to offer. To demonstrate that your business is different, your signage also has to look different. A custom backlit sign is a perfect way to stand out. We recommend consulting with a signage company to ensure you have the right look for your needs.

Use Back-Lit Letteringilluminated signs

Think that you can only backlight a sign and be done with it? There are plenty of custom features that most people don’t even think to use. One such feature is back-lit lettering, which can highlight a specific service or offer you have ready for your customers.

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