Custom Banners: Six Benefits for Your Business


Custom Banners

Why invest in a custom banner? Unlike some other types of signs, custom banners can have a dramatic effect in announcing new promotions or drawing attention to unique sales.

In short, if you are sick of your business fading into the background, it may be time to consider a custom banner. Here are the top six benefits to utilizing these unique promotional tools.

Generate buzz for your special promotion or event.

Marketing doesn’t always have to static, a monthly row in your expense report. Marketing should be active. Holding a special promotion or event is a great way to get your business noticed—but only if you can get the event itself noticed, too.

Using a large custom banner will announce your special promotion to the world and ensure that when you need it, the interest will be there.

Find customers at the point of sale.

The point of sale is when your customer already has their wallet out to pay for their purchase. It’s where a lot of impulse buying decisions are made, which is why grocery stores add magazines and candy to the point of sale.

With a custom banner in the right place, you can grab your customer’s attention at the moment they’ve shown their trust in your business.

Redirect foot traffic.

A custom banner has an added effect when placed outside: it draws eyes and redirects feet. In other words, it helps people see that there’s an added reason to come in to your business. Even if they weren’t thinking of making a specific purchase with you before, the added visual aid suggests that something is “going on”—and many people will stop in just to see what it is.

Whether you decide to place your banner on the inside or outside of your business, you can call attention easily—especially if you strategically place your banner to contrast against the surrounding environment.

Give weight to important announcements.

If your business has an important announcement to make, you can’t just throw it up in a distant sign somewhere and hope people will read it. If you want eyes on your announcements, you’re going to need a sign that communicates the weight of its message by its mere visual presence.

Create a “small billboard.”

We often think of custom banners as small billboards. True, they might not encounter the amount of eyes as a billboard on the highway, but their impact can often be similar. Hoisting up a custom banner where a lot of people can see it will extend the range of your business’s visibility. If there aren’t many other signs nearby, this has the effect of turning your banner into a billboard of sorts.

Change the way your business is perceived.

Custom banners are often fun. If you work in a field that doesn’t always come across as “fun” to the general public, introducing a fun new promotion with this unique signage marketing is an exciting way to draw in new customers.

To get started on changing the way your business is perceived—and receiving all the benefits you see here—request a custom banner quote with Sign It Quick today.