Custom Business Banners For Your Next Promotion

custom banners

Maybe you’re not sold on custom banners. You may think that a permanent sign will give you the best return on investment. But whether you’re a seasonal business or have a new product to promote, custom business banners are a great option to generate interest in a hurry. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Custom Business Banners

Here are five reasons you need a custom vinyl banner:

  • Improved Point-of-Sale purchases. Place the banner somewhere obvious and you can “upsell” your customers at the PoS.
  • Reduced cost. A huge billboard on the side of the road means you need a big advertising budget every month. A custom banner only requires an upfront investment.
  • Showing off a new promotion. A banner, either inside or outside, is the fastest way to announce that a new promotion is happening.
  • Added presence at special events. Attending a special event soon? A custom banner can bring attention to your sponsorship of community events.
  • Customization is easy. If you work with someone like Sign It Quick, we can take a sketch or an emailed file and bring it to life according to your designs.

Setting a Goal for Your Banner

It all starts with a goal. What do you want to accomplish with your banner? If you don’t define a successful banner, then any call to action you write won’t be as compelling.

Set a clear goal for your banner. Whether it be making more conversions at the point of sale or announcing a new promotion, start brainstorming the results you want first. You can work backwards from there. Chances are, the ideas for your next custom banner will come more easily.

Fitting the Banner to Your Brand

A custom business banner should be clear, obvious, and reflective of your brand. For example, if the Coca-Cola company were to place a banner somewhere, which color do you think they would use? We’re going to play it safe and guess “red.”

Brand recognition is important because it forges a connection between an event, a promotion, and your business. You don’t want customers coming up to you and asking what you do. You want your signage to make what you do clear from the start.

Giving the Customer a “Next Step”

What’s the call to action of your banner? Are you simply announcing your presence, or are you giving the customer a clear “next step”? Use the real estate of your banner to make your offering as obvious as possible. Whether that’s selling a new menu item at a restaurant or announcing a fundraiser, the simplest and most essential information should always be on display.

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