Custom Car Magnets in Charleston, SC


When your car is the lifeblood of your business, it’s also a potential canvas. Driving around a business vehicle every day offers a potential of exposure to millions of people every year. If you aren’t taking advantage of that opportunity with a high quality custom car magnet in Charleston, SC, then you aren’t realizing your company’s full advertising potential.

Fortunately, custom car magnets are an easy addition to your business. Here is why you need to consider these mobile ads to get your company seen.

Why Custom Car Magnets?Car and Door Magnets

You might see the logic of some businesses advertising on the side of their vehicle—and still think it’s not right for you. But consider the reasons a business might acquire custom car magnets to advertise themselves locally:

  • They get seen. Think about how many cars do you pass by on an average day of driving. Depending on how often you’re on the road, it can number in the thousands. That makes a business vehicle one of the great untapped resources for advertising your business.
  • They’re temporary. If you want to take advantage of how many people see your car on an annual basis but you don’t want your car’s appearance permanently changed, magnets let you switch between work and personal use in a split second. This can also be an advantage for business vehicles that have to enter restricted areas.
  • They’re durable. The idea of having a magnet on a fast-moving car might seem strange to some who haven’t experienced it. But car magnets are powerful enough to withstand plenty of air movement so you never have to worry about it popping off. Sign It Quick custom car magnets in Charleston, SC are built with strong magnetic materials that you can rely on.
  • People want to know who you are. If you have a business that requires a vehicle and you do great work, then people often look to the side of a vehicle to see who’s responsible. Whether you’re in plumbing, electrical work, construction, painting, or any business that has to stay on the move, people are already looking for your phone number. It’s up to you to provide it.

There are even more reasons than that, but these are the primary drivers for businesses in Charleston that want access to a new kind of advertising for their company. If you want that same level of advertising, vehicle magnets are the solution.

Effective Custom Car Magnets for Your Business VehicleCar and Door Magnets

If you’re already convinced, then let’s briefly look at what it takes to build an effective car magnet advertisement. Our rule of thumb: simplicity works best. You want your business name to be seen, along with a website or a phone number so that someone reading your sign can take the next step and even become a customer.

At Sign It Quick, we have built a variety of custom car magnets across a wide swath of business types. When it comes to advertising in Charleston, SC, there may be no better place to find the car magnet that will get your business seen. Request a quote with Sign It Quick to get started today.