Make A Splash With A Custom Made Sign In Charleston, SC

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Can you guarantee that your next custom made sign will be a worthwhile investment? You can if you understand the need for a sign to have an impact on your potential customers. In marketing terms, we call this a “splash.” Order a custom-made sign in Charleston, SC from Sign It Quick, and you’re sure to make a splash. Here are a few tips from our experts to help make your next sign a great investment!

Do Something “Buzz-Worthy”

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Ever wonder why so many people seem to try to bake the world’s largest chocolate-chip cookie, or the world’s longest sub sandwich? One word: buzz. Making a splash means grabbing positive headlines. Doing something that can help fuel a feel-good story about a local business is always a great way to get started.

How can you accomplish that with a sign? First, browse your signage options. If you’re going to make a splash, you need your brand to match the sign type—for example, a fun-looking vehicle can be a great way to promote a plumbing business.

Second, don’t be afraid to try a little boldness. Brainstorm a creative tagline. Invest in bold colors or a custom made sign. Try an unusual sign on your business lawn that doesn’t look like anything else in the area. Use your sign to get people talking and it will become more than just a nameplate for your business—it will be a way to generate some word-of-mouth marketing.

Break a Pattern

Promo ItemsOne of the most powerful ways to make a splash isn’t to do what’s expected of your business, but rather to do the unexpected. For example, JetBlue once used Mother’s Day to create a temporary initiative: every time a baby cried on a plane, customers could get a 25% discount.

That’s not the usual airline promotion, but it’s buzz-worthy, and it definitely breaks the pattern from what you’d expect from airline marketing.

You don’t need to go to quite these lengths to make a splash with your next promotion. But you do have to see what these marketing teams do: they see a pattern, and then they veer off the course a little bit to attract attention.

After all, it’s not the 100 yellow signs that get your attention. It’s the one red sign on the block that sticks out from the others.

Build a Theme

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You’ll often hear the phrase “marketing campaign.” It’s so common that we think very little about what it means. But that word—campaign—suggests that marketing is more than just an advertising stunt. It’s a planned strategy, applied with a careful consistency that creates a branding message over time.

You can accomplish this if you make sure that each sign builds on a specific winning theme for your business. That might be something simple—like lower prices—or it might even be a complicated idea. But the more consistently you advertise your business with the help of custom signage, the better a chance you’ll stand at finding new customers.

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