4 Reasons Custom Signage Beats the Templates


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There’s an old adage: “you get what you pay for.” In the world of signage, it’s no different. If you opt for cheap, fill-in-the-blank signage, you can expect cheap results. If you want to improve the visibility of your business, custom signage in Charleston, SC is the way to go. Here’s why.

Control Over Color

Entrepreneur.com listed “compelling color” as one of the top reasons effective signage is so darn important. Quoting Sapna Budev of the International Sign Association, they note that about 80 percent of trademark recognition is due to the choice of color. Control the color, control the brand.

The “Golden Arches,” for example, are an instantly-recognizable symbol. But where will you differentiate yourself from your competition in Charleston? If you buy the same signs they’re buying, there’s no element on your signage that distinguishes you from the rest.

With custom signage, you can consult with a signage company on the right color for your signs and for your business. When you avoid the templates, you can better brand the rest of your marketing materials as well.

Fitting the Sign to the Spot

If you purchased billboard space on a highway, you’re going to need a drastically different sign than if you simply wanted window lettering. Custom signage gives you the chance to specifically design a sign for the real estate in which it will appear. Whether that means picking a sand blasted sign to advertise a neighborhood or fundraising promotions for your seasonal marketing efforts, you need to match the appropriate sign to the appropriate spot. Template-based signage simply won’t do that.

Matching the Signage to the Business

Let’s say you’re in the plumbing business and you want to add some interesting graphics to your van. That’s a great idea. In fact, advertising yourself on your van can expose you to millions of people every year.

But rather than simply using tired old lettering without any visual elements that show off what you do, imagine if a large symbol of your trade—a wrench, a faucet, etc.—instantly grabbed the attention of anyone else on the road in the market for a plumber. Might that subtle but important improvement alter the way you draw people toward your business?

Template-based signage has nothing to say visually about the type of business you’re in. That’s a mistake. When you have only a few seconds to grab attention, that quick visual impression matters.

Template Signage Only Informs—It Doesn’t Draw the Eye

Let’s say you buy a simple business yard sign to announce your location. You might put your hours and phone number on the sign and call it a day. Great. If people glance at your sign, they know how to reach you. They know you’re there. The problem is, how often are they really going to notice your built-by-numbers signage?

People are exposed to so much advertising and signage daily that we start to tune out the common themes. It’s only by differentiating your signage that you begin to grab attention, rather than simply court it.

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