5 Reasons to Use Custom Vinyl Banners This Year


Custom Banners

A big business event, parade or exciting new fundraising promotion—whatever’s going on at your business this year, there’s a good chance that only a custom vinyl banner will give it the visibility it deserves. Not convinced that custom vinyl banners are right for you? Here are five compelling reasons that you’ll want to use one in 2017.

Generate Extra Interest in Promotions

If you’re a business that requires a lot of seasonal work, then custom banners are perfect for you. A banner sign, after all, is an extra way to draw attention to anything new going on at your business. They enhance visibility while informing customers about new options. If you have an important promotion this season, you can’t expect a simple yard sign to give you the oomf you need.

Stretch Your Advertising Dollar

Let’s say you want a big visual presence for your company. You want to make sure that you get seen in the best possible light—in living color. In that case, custom banner signs can represent the most cost-effective option. Our banners here at Sign It Quick are surprisingly affordable compared to their size. As a “price per advertising pound” option—figuratively speaking—there’s no beating custom banners.

And since these signs can be stored and used again when your next promotion occurs, there’s no reason you have to discard it. Simply keep it in storage for the next time you need added attention from customers.

Control Over Design

If you need more control over your advertising efforts, then custom vinyl banners are perfect for you. They allow you to control the exact look and content to fit your brand. Sometimes, this process is so easy that we invite our customers to simply call us up on the phone and describe what they need. We then take those notes and get to work creating the banner your company needs. It’s that simple. Other times, businesses have more complex goals in mind. Our designers will work with you to help shape your ideas and produce high quality signage.

Banners Are Easy to Handle

Just tell us where you want your banner to be placed, and we’ll give it the appropriate logistics to ensure it can be hung or posted with ease. If you ever wanted to use a custom banner before but weren’t sure how your company would handle the logistics, just leave that to us. All we need to know is where you plan on putting the banner.

Custom Banners Really “Pop”

With digital printing possible, there’s no reason that your custom banner can’t pop right off of its posting and leap into the eyes and minds of your customers. It may sound like an expensive process, but you’d be surprised—especially if you create a custom banner that you can store and use for years to come.

Just Request a Quote from Sign It Quick to get a great custom vinyl banner today. We’ll take care of the rest.