Debunking Three Myths about Signage & Marketing



You’d be amazed at how many people have strong opinions about signs—even before they ever try one for themselves. This has led to the rise of a lot of myths and misinformation about signage. But if you’re experienced, you’ll know how to see through these myths and use signage in a way that boosts your business all year round:  

Myth: The customers need as much information as possible.

Truth: The customers need only enough information in order to move forward.

There’s a common feeling out there with business owners: they have to give their customers a thousand different options on their menu, or they have to give their customers all of the instructions imaginable, or they have to inundate their customers with so much information that they’ll know exactly when, where, and how to buy.

Nonsense. All customers need to know is the step forward. Sure, it’s a bad idea to put your name on a sign and not include basic information like a website or telephone number. But beyond that, you’re only taking up valuable real estate on the sign. Remember that customers are fully capable of making their own decisions. Many Point of Sale displays for example don’t even make a pitch—they just include a handy impulse purchase and let the customers do the math.

The key takeaway: it’s more important to grab and hook attention first then it is to give the whole game away at once.

Myth: Most signs aren’t professional-looking.

Truth: You’re only noticing the unprofessional signs.

Just about everyone has a sign. Apple has a sign outside their headquarters. The President of the United States has a seal! So if you’re worried about looking unprofessional when getting a sign for yourself, remember that a sign is only unprofessional if it looks that way.

The key takeaway: you have to match the quality and style of your sign to the prestige of your business. Use a Sandblasted sign for real estate and medical signs, for example, for an added “textured” look.

Myth: Signs are all the marketing I need.

Truth: It often takes more than that to reach your customers.

True: if you do business in a high-traffic area, a sign may be all the marketing you need. And if you use Vehicle wraps and graphics, you’ll have access to plenty of eyeballs throughout the year. But a sign without a strategy isn’t going to accomplish nearly as much as your marketing efforts could achieve.

Think outside the box and ask yourself how you can’t only grab attention, but how you can draw people in to your service. Offer thirty minutes of free consultation if you have a consulting business as a “hook.” Come up with a slogan that you use across all of your marketing materials. Make the effort to be memorable and ultimately, you will be.

Like what you hear from us? Maybe it’s time that you request a quote to learn more about how you can up your “signage game” and use it in conjunction with the best possible marketing practices.