Digital Signs & Displays: Seven Benefits You Can’t Ignore



Old-fashioned signage marketing is great. When done right, it’s extremely effective. But in the digital age, some of our clients ask for more: more functionality, more style, more ease of use. More often than not, they’ll find it through our Digital Signage.

But what makes digital signs so special? Let’s look at seven benefits of digital signage advertising that no one in the market for quality signage should ignore.

Digital Signage: You Control the Content

In the days before digital, you had one moment—and only one—to choose what you wanted on your sign. Unless you purchased a sign with cheap, minimalistic, and interchangeable lettering, you were stuck with that one choice.

With digital signs and digital displays, however, you can have the full range of signage creativity available to you and change the content whenever you like. This is the best of both worlds: customization without the drawbacks.

Your Digital Signage Advertising Updates With Your Business

Offering a deal today only? Want to update your restaurant menu? Providing seasonal promotions that change every few months?

With digital signage advertising, your signs will change with your business, meaning that you only have to buy one sign to accomplish different goals, including:

  • Sales & promotions
  • Updating information and directories
  • Adding new content to match a physical change in your business, such as a new location

Digital Signs Are Easy to Use

All of this customization sounds great. It might also sound a little intimidating. But there’s good news on that front! When you opt for digital signage from Sign It Quick, we offer a content management tool that makes plugging in new content easier than changing out a traditional sign’s letters. Simply input the new content and watch the digital sign change before your eyes.

Digital Displays Maximize Your Advertising Versatility

When was the last time you bought a sign that could serve in all of the following ways:

  • Directory
  • Promotional sign
  • Welcome sign for your lobby
  • Maps and logistics
  • Menu

With modern technology, the advantage is simple: whatever your business needs, you can customize your digital sign to meet the demand.

Manage Your Digital Signage Remotely

The digital age means that working remotely is easier than ever. If you had visions of physically going up to your sign and changing out the information every single time you needed it changed, it may be time to update your expectations.

The truth about digital signage is that you can easily change the content from a remote location. This means that there won’t be expensive re-installs every single time you want to change out something you can otherwise handle with the content management system.

Centralized Controls

While we’re on the subject of remote management, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could control all of your signage from one central location? With digital signs, you can.

No Sign Looks as Great as a Digital Sign

Finally, digital signage simply looks good. The picture is crisp and sharp, the colors are vibrant and vivid, even at night! To make your sign look even better, Sign It Quick can help you with designs that will really make your advertisements and information pop.

If you’re ready to upgrade to digital signage at your business, Request a Quote with Sign It Quick and watch your business move into the digital age.