How to Stand Out With Dimensional Lettering


dimensional lettering

On this blog, you see us really nail the point home: it’s imperative that your sign stands out from the crowd.

Most of the time, that refers to a metaphorical standing out. You want your sign to get attention, be completely readable, and attract the interest of your potential customers.

Sometimes, we’re talking literally. Never is that more apparent than with dimensional lettering. As in three-dimensional. Dimensional lettering is lettering that quite literally stands out from its environment, demanding that people look at it without ever being obnoxious.

Make Your Interior Logo Pop

For some companies, prestige is important. When your potential client enters the waiting room, they have to feel that they’re in the presence of a first-class operation. And while you may know in your heart of hearts that your company is indeed a first-class operation, that doesn’t necessarily come across.

Dimensional Lettering for interior use is one of the best ways to ensure that the point is driven home: your logo will stand out from the wall, demand to be looked at, and immediately establish a sense of professionalism.

Standing Out in a Shared Building

Sometimes your retail space is limited, which means your options for signage is too. Fortunately, dimensional lettering is one of the most valuable ways to un-limit yourself. Consider a strip mall where all of the retail spaces are attached to the same building. Getting your message out to customers seems impossible because your business looks exactly like your environment. Standing out from the crowd in some ways might actually violate your lease.

Dimensional lettering actually puts your sign on its—well, its own dimension. It stands out from the building physically so that it captures the attention of anyone who might happen to be in the area. Even a subtle distinction between your building and your business’s logo can mean the difference between casting a confident, professional image and slipping into the background.

Enhancing Contrast

Dimensional lettering doesn’t have to be the sole element on which your sign is based. It can be used to enhance a contrast between the words and the sign’s background, further establishing a readable presence that potential customers “can’t miss.” If you’ve ever noticed that your customers have trouble finding your sign from the street, it’s possible you haven’t done enough to contrast the letters from the background. Dimensional lettering can help accomplish exactly that.

If you’re wondering what it might cost to use dimensional lettering on your sign or simply want to learn more about the signage process here at Sign It Quick, be sure to contact us and request a quote. Not only can we help steer you in the direction of the most appropriate way to used dimensional lettering for your sign, but we can help you out with all of the other elements of effective, professional signage.