The Secrets Of Effective Trade Show Displays


“Find out where your ideal clients are, then go sell to them.” It sounds like sound business advice—and we can’t recommend against it. But what happens when you’ve organized a trade show event? What’s the next step to ensure that you get the most out of your trade show displays? How can you maximize the investment you made in a way that’s guaranteed to grab attention from your niche? We have a few ideas for designing effective trade show displays.

Secret #1: Research is Half the Game

Albert Einstein once said that if he had 60 minutes to solve a problem, he would spend 59 minutes thinking about it, then 1 minute implementing the solution. The same principle is at work here.

You need to know what the trade show will look like before you plan out your display. That means taking the time to research previous trade shows, view pictures online, and get a sense of what will stand out—and what will look like every other vendor at the trade show. You need to know this in advance because there are no “audibles” once you get to the trade show.

Secret #2: You Have to Make Your Pitch as Simple as Possible  

The environment at a trade show can be hectic. It’s full of stimulation, novelty, and all sorts of competition for attention. That means that if you’re going to break through the noise, you have to do it at once—in an instant. It’s not going to happen as a result of having a long, detailed business plan. Effective trade show displays happen with something brief but memorable.

Ever hear of the “elevator pitch”? It’s your ability to describe what it is your company does within about 30 seconds. If you can’t put together a tagline for what it is that your company does, then you know what kind of work you need to do to boost your trade show presence.

Secret #3: We’re Visual Creatures

We’ll call this an “open” secret more than anything else—it’s no surprise that human beings are visual creatures. Yet how many people at trade shows completely ignore this aspect of human behavior and hope that their pitch will win people over?

You have to make your trade show presence both visually appealing and consistent if you’re going to earn the trust and attention of your potential clients and customers. And that means applying Secret #1 and Secret #3 together to ensure that you have that kind of impact in the first place.

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