Three Types of Essential Business Signage


Just about every business knows that a large, visible sign to announce their presence is an essential for marketing. But what about the other types of business signage that you didn’t realize you needed? By shifting your focus to the business signage below, you can do a better job of advertising your business and making it a more hospitable place for your customers.

ADA-Compliant Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act was a hallmark for those with disabilities to receive equal access in public places like restaurants, office buildings, and more. But without the signage to properly label ADA-compliant access, your business is not yet up to par.

ADA-Compliant Signs can be as simple as pointing out stairs and escalators. You’ll also find that these signs include braille for the vision impaired. Clearly marking exits is also important in the event of a fire. In short, there may be no more important business signage than the signage you put up in your own office to ensure that people of all types are accommodated.

Point of Sale Signs

When a customer is up at the register, you figure that it’s the end of your marketing efforts. You’ve managed to generate new business and make the sale. What many business owners fail to realize is that the point of sale can be one of the most valuable opportunities for making even more sales. Whether you want to “upsell” someone into a better deal or simply want to provide them with opportunities for impulse purchases, Point of Sale Signs appeal to customers at the most critical point: when they’re ready to pay.

With a proper, creative point of sale sign in place, you’ll be amazed at how many more sales you can make. You can also accept donations for fundraisers at the point of sale to have a greater impact on your community.  No matter what you choose, the point of sale is one of the most critical locations in all of business. Make sure you take full advantage of it.

Custom Window Decals

Have you ever noticed how many customers ask for your basic information, such as your business hours? It might be because you’ve overlooked an opportunity to keep them in the know: your windows.

Custom Window Decals allow you to make better use of some of your most visible real estate. This is especially true if your windows have access to a heavily trafficked sidewalk. By utilizing the space on your windows, you can make a better pitch for your products or services and keep customers informed about what it exactly it is you do—and when you do it.

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