Essential Marketing Strategies for Your Signage

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There is high competition, and it can be difficult to stand out. Unless you have a full-time marketing team on your payroll, marketing can be a major challenge. Even experienced entrepreneurs struggle with marketing simply because they never took the time to understand it. Follow this simple guide to make sure your next sign is created with the best marketing strategies in mind.

Make a Plan

As Dwight Eisenhower said, “plans are useless, but planning is essential.” In other words, no plan ever goes exactly how you might imagine it—but the act of planning itself is what yields results.

In marketing, planning is essential because you need to see the places your competitors don’t see, including:

  • Finding new distribution channels—i.e., selling to customers that your competitor doesn’t even see.
  • New forms of advertising. Would you be the first in your local market to advertise on the side of a vehicle? You’d be amazed what being the first can do to raise your profile.
  • The most successful marketing in your field. Look at some of the most successful performers in your industry and break down their marketing. What are they doing to reach their customers, and how might you utilize similar strategies without stealing their ideas?
  • Having a launch instead of an opening. Don’t assume that the business will come: sit down and ask yourself how you can attract both attention and enthusiasm
  • Getting creative with signage. What about your sign can be different—and which elements will make it stand out? Will it be the color? The location? The particular signage style?

Don’t start marketing until you’ve got a plan for reaching out to new customers—and that includes taking the time to research your customers and what works best for your industry.

Think Outside of the Box

Most businesses think just one way: strictly inside the box. They believe that their customers are a limited group of people. They believe that there is one or maybe two ways to reach these customers.

But thinking this way may cause you to miss out on entire sections of customers you never thought to reach. Across many industries, there were visionaries who found a way to combine a product with a new method of distribution—all you have to do is visit a local supermarket to find out how many industries expanded beyond simple retail: makeup, cookware, clothing, and much more.

Your sign isn’t just about the words. It’s also about where you place it. Where are customers who have never heard of your company in their life waiting—and how can you reach them? Attending a trade show or two, even across different industries, could be a great way to look for ideas.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to take your signage to the next level. Request a Quote with Sign It Quick and create a sign that will capture a greater percentage of your target market.