Five Ways Signs and Banners Help Grow Your Business

When was the last time you asked a customer how they found you and they said, “I saw your sign”?

If you’re like a lot of businesses, it’s been a while. There are, after all, a lot of signs out there. If you want your business to stand out, your sign itself has to stand out. And that means doing a little more than making a quick mockup on your computer and taking it to the nearest print store.

We at Sign It Quick have the business of signs down to a science, and we’d like to share some of the most powerful ways we help businesses earn more money.

#1: Opening with a Splash

Effective digital printing should grab someone’s attention and hold it just long enough for your sign to make its pitch. If your sign isn’t doing that, then it’s not doing its job fully. Opening a new business with a splash means taking advantage of a great location with an effective sign that says “look at me—because if you don’t, you’re going to be missing out on something.”

The quickest way to grab attention is with a full-color digitally printed sign that grabs attention and doesn’t let go.

#2: Letting Customers Know You’re Open

If your business is open late, or even 24 hours, then you’d be surprised at how many customers you lose out on simply because you don’t have an illuminated sign. Illuminated signs are the universal signal for “we’re here” or “we’re open.” And even if you’re not open 24 hours, an illuminated sign is a sure way to stand out from the dark street and capture someone’s attention for when they’re in town the next day.

#3: Highlighting a New Offer or Deal

Point-of-sale signs can have an immeasurably positive effect on the way your customers order food, make a purchase, or notice a new deal. If you have a “two-for-one” deal that you want to highlight, then you can only expect to make sales if your customers know about it in the first place. Effective point-of-sale signs will grab attention with the subtle hint that if the customer doesn’t read it, they might miss out on the current deals.

#4: Directing Customers

Anyone who’s had a lot of foot traffic knows that customers don’t always know what to do. They might not know how to reach your real estate agency, or they might have no idea when you’re open. Effective signage changes all that. Directing customers to the right place to park, or to your phone number, or to your website is crucial to ensure that business keeps flowing in the right direction.

#5: Persuading

Believe it or not, signs can do a little persuading by themselves. They might not always make a sale for you, but they can be the different between hooking in a new customer’s attention and letting someone who might have otherwise bought from your business go by.

Don’t let any potential customers go by. Get effective signage by requesting a quote with us today.