Fundraising Marketing: 4 Tips to Get the Word Out


fundraising-marketingYou’re ready for donations, you’ve done your best to create buzz, and you have a good cause. There’s just one problem: no one seems interested in contributing to your fundraiser. Is all hope for making an impact lost? No. You just need to adjust your fundraising marketing tactics and learn how to promote a fundraiser in a way that grabs attention. Here are four fundraising marketing tips that can make your next fundraising strategy far more effective.

Find a way to make your fundraising marketing visual.

It’s one thing to go out and raise funds by being active in the community. If you want to hit the next level of effective fundraising marketing, however, you need to think visually. A great to do that is with efficient signage marketing.

One common sign used in fundraising marketing is the “thermometer” that displays how far along the fundraiser is. At the top is the goal—and as you get closer to the goal, you fill in the red “mercury” as appropriate. Place this sign outside, and watch as more and more customers ask how the fundraising is coming along. If you can make your fundraiser marketing visual, you can effectively invite more people to become invested in its progress.

Place a sign somewhere people can’t help but notice it.

Let’s say you own a gas station. Where might you place your sign so it gets noticed? Although you might have the space for it in an under-trafficked corner indoors, you’re going to have to think outside of the box on this one.

Think about where most of your customers and potential customers pass through every day. Then simply place a sign along that route, being careful not to interfere with any actual foot traffic.

Still stuck? Here are some effective temporary sign placement ideas for your fundraising marketing:

  • Road verge. Just make sure you have community permission if needed. You might also seek permission to place a sign on the median of a boulevard—again, with the appropriate permission.
  • Corner of an intersection. If you have access to any space at an intersection, you’re bound to be seen by the abundance of traffic passing through every day.
  • Point of Sale. Point of Sale signs are far more common than you think, and for good reason—they’re effective.

Create buzz by offering prizes and giveaways.

When you have a good cause and plenty of fantastic promotional products to dole out, you’d be surprised at how many people show up to your fundraising events or simply make a pledge. This idea of reciprocation—that you’re going to give in exchange for a pledge of support—hits on a powerfully persuasive aspect of human psychology. It’s one thing to ask people for donations with hat in hand. It’s something else entirely to do it with a gift.

Create something memorable for those who donate.

Find a way to give something back with your fundraising marketing. If you’re building a new structure, you might put donor names on bricks. If you’re creating a scholarship, you might name it for an organization that offers its sponsorship. Whatever it is, give people something to feel happy about the gift they’ve given you.

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