Three Ways to Get People Talking About Your Sign



What does it take to get people to talk about your business? If you think like a marketer, you know your sign isn’t just there to collect the occasional pedestrian. Rather, your sign is there to announce your presence loudly to the world—to generate buzz. If it’s doing its job right, it should get people talking. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that.

Make sure your sign is “buzz-worthy.”

Contrary to popular belief, not all press is good press.

But there are plenty of ways to receive good local press thanks to a professional sign. Sign It Quick, for example, launched our business by having a go at the world record for creating the world’s largest sign. You can bet that got people talking.

If you want your sign to generate some buzz, there are a few variables it has to satisfy:

  • Is your sign the first to open up a new billboard in a small town? That’s more newsworthy than simply looking up local billboard opportunities and selecting the first opening you see.
  • The “did you see” factor. Is there something striking about your sign that’s worthy of sharing on social media? One billboard featured at HongKiat created an illusion that an individual was pushing a piece of a building out of the way. Make sure your own sign is striking before you approve the final design.
  • Is your sign unique? Is there a way to make it appear in three dimensions and stand out from the rest—or is it merely another advertisement in a strip mall full of advertisements?

Create a sign that has immediate visual impact.

A sign isn’t a sign unless it immediately announces its presence.

Think about the “STOP” sign for a moment. It has a simple message—“stop.” It has bold coloring with high contrast—white on red. And it’s located right where you need to make the decision where you need to stop.

How can you use those same principles in getting people to enter your business?

Maybe your business requires an Illuminated Sign at night for extra contrast. Maybe a vehicle wrap will make your business van stand out from the rest. The key here is that your sign needs to be striking enough to have an immediate, attention-grabbing impact. People don’t talk about what they don’t notice.

Offer something unique.

There’s a reason that people run outside to see the ice cream truck: they know that these trucks have a lot more to offer them on a hot day than any old truck on the road.

What is it that you’re offering? Is your sign announcing a new promotion, or is it merely trying to get people to notice you? Are you attaching your sign with a new marketing campaign, or are you simply acquiring a sign because you thought it would be a good idea?

The concept behind your sign is just as important as what the sign does. To find out how to merge your marketing with your signage, request a quote with Sign It Quick today. We’ll do more than build a sign for you—we’ll consult with you to create the best possible signage marketing for your business.