4 Ways to Get Your Sign Noticed Today


You put a lot of thought and effort into your marketing campaigns. You work diligently on the design of your sign, careful to pick out the right font and the right colors that match your brand. But when it comes time to display the sign, it’s as if nobody even sees it.

If no one seems to notice your sign, it may be because you’re ignoring tried-and-true marketing principles along the way. Here are four ways to get people to look at your sign from the very start.

Improve The Colorstoo many ad signs

Be honest: did you pick the colors of your latest sign because they were your favorite—or did you pick them because they were effective? There can be a stunning difference between the two.

Most business owners are told they need to brand themselves and pick the right color to suit their brand. But the “right color” when it comes to signage can be a different thing entirely. This is why fast food restaurants tend toward big, bold, stimulating colors like red and yellow. They want to get noticed. Bottom line? To make your sign noticed, try changing the color into something that demands attention.

Improve The Contrast

Of course, if you put a stop sign in the middle of a sea of red, it’s going to be ignored. That’s where contrast comes into play. Stop signs are red because they tend to contrast with the surrounding environment—concrete, trees, farm fields, etc.

Your sign, similarly, must include some degree of contrast to stand out. Contrast is what gets peoples’ brains to stop and pay attention. There’s something unusual here—something that doesn’t look like the rest of the environment.

Improve The Size

When it comes to signage, size matters. But it also matters in proper context. For example, a billboard on the side of the highway is gigantic—but in the context of a highway, it’s simply that big so it will be readable. It doesn’t seem so large from the road.

The same is true of your business signage: try to catch attention without overdoing it and coming across as a novelty. Although novelty signs have their role, you can use the size of a sign to communicate a sense of importance, such as identifying the front office in an apartment complex. On the other hand, signs that are too small to be noticed—or even readable—will get ignored.

Go Three Dimensional

Sometimes, the best way to “stand out” metaphorically speaking is to “stand out” in the literal sense. Dimensional lettering and three-dimensional signs offer more than just a way to identify your business—they quite literally make your message pop. These signs can be great for getting your business noticed when you’re competing with similar spaces around you—or they can make great ways to identify yourself so your business name is easy to find.

Request A Quote

One last tip: to make sure you opt for the signage that gets noticed, Request a quote with Sign It Quick. We’ll help you incorporate these strategies into a sign that gets results.