How Custom Signs Pay For Themselves

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Here at Sign It Quick, we grasped long ago that our customers don’t necessarily want to buy signs. What our customers want is what the sign will do for them: draw more clients, draw more customers, and expand the concept of their personal brand so that they could be perceived as the top business of their kind in their local community.

We discovered that there’s more to a sign than just an attractive way to catch attention. A sign is a way of changing what you see on the bottom line.

A sign that costs $100 and attracts $200 in new business wasn’t just free—it was for the good of your business, and a way for you to capture an unseen demographic that you hadn’t captured before. Obviously, these are the kinds of signs that pay for themselves. But in order for you to identify those unseen opportunities, you need to expand your mindset beyond signs for a minute to see what’s out there to capture. And you can do that by grasping some core principles of marketing.

Principle #1: No matter what business you’re in, you need to remember core marketing concepts

Doctors don’t make any money if they don’t have any patients. Newspapers don’t do any investigative reporting unless they sell newspapers. No matter how noble your profession may be, it needs proper marketing if it’s going to serve the most people.

Signage is one tool of marketing, but it needs to fit in with the rest of your marketing as well. Consider two signs on the road: one says “apples” and the other says “50 cent fresh apples; first one free!”

Which one are you more likely to visit?

Both businesses had signs; but it was the one willing to entice their customers as part of a strategic marketing plan that will see their investment in signage realized with a profitable return.

Principle #2: Be bigger than your “office”

One of the concepts you’ll learn if you download our free marketing CD is that you have to be “bigger than your office.” Think about visionaries like Walt Disney or Steve Jobs. Many people couldn’t say what they truly innovated without Googling their accomplishments. But because their message was so much greater than the size of their office, people remember them.

How does that apply to your business? Think about how a sign as simple as a vehicle wrap boosts your brand because each car is seen by an estimated 17 to 20 million people annually. It’s always the cars that look “bigger than their office” that get noticed.

Will you get noticed?

To recap, let’s look at the simplest ways you can be sure that your business’s investment in signage generates a profit for you:

  1. A sign pays for itself as soon as the new profits you’ve generated have equaled the costs of the investments. After that—it’s all
  2. A sign isn’t just a sign, it’s a marketing tool. As part of an overall marketing strategy, it stands to help instill your message in your potential customers’ minds. This is an effect that can’t be measured.
  3. Be bigger than your office. Find a way to make your brand represent more than just your product. In our “apples” example, remember that it’s the warm invitation to join them for a free apple that sells something bigger than just 50-cent apples: it’s the experience of heading to an apple farm and trying fresh produce. Always look to make the experience “bigger” than the product or service you’re selling.

Here at Sign It Quick, we strive to live up to these same principles by helping our customers figure out marketing as well as the proper signage. If that sounds like what you need, request a quote with us to get started building a sign that doubles as a marketing investment.