How Signs Increase Your Business Profits

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Without profit, you don’t have a business. But when it comes to your marketing budget, the idea of making a profit is sometimes unclear. Do you cut costs? Do you spend money on marketing to make more money, and if so, what’s the most efficient way to do it?

At Sign It Quick, we operate under the knowledge and experience that signage is one of the most effective ways to get your company noticed while spending the smallest amount on marketing possible. But we realize that not everyone sees it this way. Here are some lessons we’ve learned over the years that we help teach our customers to expand their visibility, minimize their expenses, and increase their profits with signs.

Don’t Just Open Your Business—Launch Your Business

When Sign It Quick first kicked off, we took on a major challenge. Sign It Quick made the longest sign in the world—long enough to go up the Empire State Building and down the other side. It took 454 people just to carry it once completed.

Naturally, this attracted some attention.

Not only did it create a newsworthy story, but it also showed off exactly what it is that we do at our business. Right away, people saw who we were, what we do, and understood the passion and dedication we have about signs.

“Every business is like that,” said Frank AuCoin, founder of Sign It Quick. “When someone starts a business, they shouldn’t just have a grand opening. They should have a launching. They should do something very special so that the public automatically knows who they are, what they’re doing, and where they’re at. That’s the goal of Sign It Quick…make sure that we don’t just help someone have a grand opening, that we actually launch their business.”

If you want maximum impact for your dollar, you’re going to have to think outside the box with your signage too. Don’t just put up a sign—think of positive ways to get people to talk about you. Sign marketing isn’t just about the quality of the sign, but knowing how to use it.

Get Seen Every Single Time You Take a Drive

We call it “mobile media;” such as profitable vehicle wraps and graphics, as well as custom car graphics. By any name, it’s effective.

Why? It’s common for a sign that is driven around on the side of a van to get seen 5,000 times a day. That equals 150,000 times a month, and nearly two million times a year. But when you use mobile media and custom car graphics for your business, you’d better get it right. You’d better know that it’s not just about attracting attention, but showing people what to do once you have their attention: visiting a website, signing up for a deal, whatever your call to action may be.

Cut Down on Costs by Working with the Right Company

You can maximize your profits on signage by working with an experienced company like Sign It Quick, and you can start by requesting a free signage quote. We’ll help you stretch that dollar by installing a half-wrap on your vehicle, which will still be seen thousands of times per day. We’ll help you identify a key marketing strategy for utilizing your sign’s maximum profit potential. In short, we’ll help you out the same way we’ve helped companies like Disney, NASCAR, and NASA over the years.

But signage profits don’t come automatically. You have to think outside the box and find ways to really dazzle people. Fortunately, you know about one business that’s been doing just that for years. Contact Sign It Quick today to start launching your business.