How to Tell When Your Sign Isn’t Working



When your sign is working, you’ll know it. You’ll have new customers, fresh local buzz, and plenty of people talking about your business.

But what about when you’ve taken the trouble to install a sign and aren’t sure if it is driving new business? Here are the indications—the signs—that you may need to cut your losses with the old strategy and request a quote for a fresh sign from an experienced sign printing company like Sign It Quick.

No One Talks About Your Sign

How do you know when a sign is generating buzz? It’s a simple answer: extra attention. The most powerful buzz-generating signs will attract customer attention, even to the point of having news stories written about your business.

When Sign It Quick launched, our goal wasn’t just to open for business. We wanted to attract serious attention. So we took aim at a world record: creating the world’s longest sign. It wasn’t enough to simply launch and put out a sign that said “open for business.” Instead, we made sure that we went out of our way to make ourselves known to people.

Is your sign introducing your business to new customers? Is your sign noteworthy? If it is, you’ll know it right away. If not, try waiting a bit longer to gauge its true long-term impact.

No Change in Foot Traffic

If you run a retail space, then foot traffic is one of the surest ways to tell when you’re attracting new business. Simply put, if you add a new sign to your marketing strategy and notice no change in foot traffic, then you can be reasonably sure that it’s time to switch up your signage.

To get a good read on just how much foot traffic you have coming in and out of your business, you can always refer to the basic numbers: the amount of sales at the register, for example. You could also ask employees for their impressions of how busy it’s been lately, but make sure you’re getting an unbiased opinion—don’t let them know why you’re asking at first.

Plenty of Attention, But Not Enough Sales

Some signs do appear to have a major impact on your business. They bring you news and notoriety, offering you plenty of new business. When you look at the bottom line, though, you may not notice a change in profits or even sales. The foot traffic may have increased, but you may not see the new business translate into a boost in sales.

What could be going on here?

The simple fact is that some signs will attract attention without attracting new customers. That’s why it’s important that your sign isn’t just a standalone attention-grabber. You should follow up with a complete marketing strategy that includes point-of-sale signs, as well. It’s also essential to make sure your sign clearly states your offering. If people are showing up expecting something other than what you’re actually offering, that could be why you’re not closing any sales.

It’s difficult to plan for a “viral” marketing success. But if your sign isn’t generating the kind of buzz you’d hoped for, you’ll know it—and you’ll likely know it quickly.

Contact Sign It Quick to incorporate a unique sign with a unique marketing strategy that is sure to help your organization drive traffic and sales.