How $uccessful is Your Business’s Advertising?

successful business advertising

When you are starting a business, it is important to understand advertising strategies and the aspects of advertising success. Everything you say and how you say it is going to send a message to consumers about your products and brand identity. You want your graphics to be vital and noticed. It is important to be clearly understood and to stimulate action. This includes inspiring people to purchase your products, visit your store locations, and spread the word. The very aim of your advertising is to achieve sales and increase revenue.

Know Your Adverti$ing Goals

In order to be recognized, a company needs to create a distinctive format for advertising. It is essential to feature all forms of branding in a prominent manner. While working close with advertising or print agencies, it is imperative to make sure your ads are organized and easy to understand. Contact details are vital in order to allow future customers to locate your establishment and be able to contact you via email or phone. Any pricing listed needs to be absolutely easy to follow and find. During the course of time your business is in operation, you may change your prices. Make sure any and all ads reflect price changes as soon as they are made.

While it may be tempting to use language that is expressive and impressive, it is more important to make sure all of your advertising materials are easy to read and understand. Not only does this remain in the mind of a potential customer, but it is much easier to recall and tends to be better remembered. It also helps you get a unique selling plan across. When all of this is aligned, you will also be able to find and target your audience which allows you to style and tailor your ads for maximum promotion. The saying, “The customer is always correct,” is a tad outdated. However, there is some truth to this statement. While it is important to retain your morals and overall company ideals, it is also essential customers receive a certain level of respect and great customer service. Once all of this is in place, it is time to monitor your business.

Monitor Your Bu$iness

In order to understand the results of any advertising, it is imperative to monitor your company’s advertising efforts. Once advertising begins, it is advisable to compare how many customers visit your store now verses how many visited before your advertising campaign. A significant influx of people is a positive attribute of good advertising. This will likely increase your sales as well. When you provide plenty of opportunities for customers to reach you, it is also important to compare which mode of communication is utilized the most frequently. If customers visit your website and print out coupons for discounts, then you understand the advertising market you need to focus upon. Such invaluable information is imperative and can be used to guide your next ad campaign by heavily promoting your website. The main thing to remember is that even effective advertising may take time to generate traffic.

Different Way$ to Assess Results

  • Use separate emails and phone numbers for advertisements, so you can keep track of responses.
  • Find out from your customers how they learned about your products and business.
  • Run ads that promote bringing the actual ad with them to receive a discount.

Monitoring the $uccess of a Business’ Advertising

Measuring and analyzing the success of the results of advertising is imperative to help a business guide its future advertising efforts in the right direction. Advertising goals are relative to the value of advertising in which a business has already paid. Over time, you need to be able to tell which type of advertising best suits your needs. Future advertising campaigns will depend on this type of information. The best way to accomplish this is to review your goals and see if they were met. Compare the results of your advertising with the goals you had set, and you will learn whether your expectations have been exceeded or not.

Review Your Goals

  • Has customer feedback been positive?
  • Have $ales increased?
  • Have any of your marketing goals been met?
  • Has your business image improved?

The Importance of Signs in Advertising and Marketing

  • Travelers in the U.S. spend on average 19 hours a week in their vehicles driving down the road, and they constantly look at signs when stopped in traffic or driving by
  • Nearly 75% of commuters report that they look at signage messaging
  • Nearly 40% of commuters look at roadside signs
  • 1 outdoor sign can generate anywhere from 31,000 to 85,000 impressions per day

Information Consumers Take Away From Outdoor Advertising Signs

  • Web Address 28%
  • Phone Number 27%
  • 57% Remember Humorous or Unique Messaging
  • Events They Want to Attend 60%
  • 59% Report that they visit establishments after having seen roadside signage.

Outdoor Advertising: A Window of Opportunity

  • Nearly 75% of Consumers report that their buying decisions have been influenced by outdoor signage.
  • On an average 30 minute commute, 89% of consumers report that they saw a billboard while on the way.
  • Businesses can increase their sales revenues by as much as 49% by having quality made outdoor signage.