Illuminated Business Signs In Columbia, SC


You might not have a 24-hour business, but shouldn’t your signage work at every hour of the day? If so, it’s time to consider illuminated business signs in Columbia, SC. This simple sign design incorporates lighting so you can continue to attract new business at night. “But I run a nine-to-five,” you might say. “Why would an illuminated sign matter to me?” Here’s what every business needs to consider.

The Basic Science of Illuminated Business Signs

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It all comes down to a simple equation: when your sign is hardly visible at night, you’re throwing away all of those hours of exposure. True: there tends to be less traffic at night. But if you have access to a high-traffic area with your signage, you’d be surprised at just how much traffic sustains even in the late-night hours.

Keep in mind that lighting is seasonal, too. Your sign might get seen in broad daylight until 8 p.m. during the summer. Come winter, that all changes—the days are shorter and daylight savings completely changes how your business looks during rush hour. This basic fact means that even those businesses that want attention during early morning and evening rush hours need to consider an illuminated business sign in Columbia, SC.

Ditching The Neon Thoughts

When most people think “illuminated signs,” they often picture the bright lights of Las Vegas, or all-night gas stations. They forget about the well-lit, professional signs that attract their attention along the road even after evening hits. Signs for law firms, professional services, restaurants—they all stand to benefit from the added exposure of an illuminated sign, open or not.

That means you don’t have to rely on the neon style to attract attention. In fact, LED lighting is a popular substitute these days. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy to maintain, and it will do the job just fine.

Using Lighting For Logistics

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Lighting isn’t only about drawing attention to your business—sometimes, it’s just downright necessary. Consider when you have a difficult entryway to find. An illuminated sign will be essential for announcing your presence, whether it’s to customers or prospective clients.

Illuminated lighting can also serve to inform people when you’re open, which in turn attracts those from the road even in the evening hours. You don’t have to use illuminated lighting this way—a backlit sign can be left to its own devices without suggesting that your business is open—but it’s a great way to answer a question that some customers have.

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There are many reasons to use illuminated business signs in Columbia, SC. Maybe you want more attention. Maybe you need to direct people where to go in the evenings or early mornings. Maybe you simply need to compete with other signs in your location. No matter what the reason, it always helps to work with a signage company that has the experience necessary to customize a sign fit to your specific needs.

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