Illuminated Signs: Get Seen at Night


Not all businesses are “9 to 5.” If you run a 24-hour business, you know how important it is for potential customers to see that you’re still open, not to mention notice your business in the first place. Unless your 24-hour business is getting seen at night, you’re missing out on a significant portion of your potential business every single day (and night). Illuminated signs are great for a night-time draw. Here are a few tips that will improve your visibility even when the sun goes down.

Light Up Your Sign

The easiest solution: get an illuminated sign. Illuminated, backlit signage is no less visible during the daytime—the only difference is that it can then light up at night to draw the attention you need. Even better, the illuminated sign can communicate that you’re open if need be.

You don’t have to have a 24-hour business for illuminated signs to work in your favor. They can also announce your business presence when you’re off, reminding potential customers about a website or phone number they can call the next day.

Enhance Your Color Contrast

Faded red letters over a light blue background? The color combination might work in your head, but when it comes to night, you’re going to need something a little more stark.

In fact, poor color contrast is mistake #1 in signage according to a list made by Forbes. You’ll want to find complementary colors with enough difference in hue or brightness to make words stand out from the background. In backlit signage, a white background can solve most of these problems if you have a contrasting font for your business name.

Keep Your Message Clear

The more you try to pack onto an illuminated sign, the less effective the illumination will be. There’s a reason that road signs are kept short and simple: “Yield,” “Stop,” and “Caution” allow the lettering to take up as much space as possible so that drivers on the road can see what’s happening.

You should do the same even if your signage isn’t right next to the road. The more clear and simple your message is, the farther your visibility will extend. This is especially true at night when you need to stretch your illumination dollar as far as it will go.

Give People Something to Remember

None of these tips will do your business much good unless you craft a sign that’s worth remembering. In some industries, like dentistry and legal consultation, you might want your sign to read like a business card. You want to strike a professional tone. In other industries, your marketing can be much more forward and unorthodox, giving you a chance to stick in potential customers’ minds.

If you’re not open at night, include a phone number or a website that people can visit. If you’re open, make it clear that you’re open with a sign that reads, simply, “Open.” When it comes to visibility, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Work With a Professional Signage Company

When it comes to your memorability, you’ll have to dig a little deeper to brainstorm ideas. Request a quote with Sign It Quick, and let us help you build a sign that lasts all night long.