It’s a Big World


Most business owners when they have a product or service or they open a new store, they think the whole world needs to know about them. They think that everybody is their customer when in fact they’re not.  And they don’t have to be big to the whole world. They just have to be big to that world.

Because once you come into a market and you want to steal the spotlight in your industry, once your steal the spotlight, you steal the market. And the only way to steal the spotlight is to be seen, heard, read about and talked about. And you do that by letting people know the name of your product, service or your location.

And so we’re genius at that. I mean we’re great at helping them own their budget, standard budget but get the best impact with their money so that they steal the spotlight which means they steal the market.

Also there is smaller magnets that are put on refrigerators and believe me that very few people throw away a refrigerator magnet. They cost less than a stamp and you give them out. I have seen companies that will give out 30,000 magnetics in a month. Especially people who deliver stuff, like pizza stores and stuff like that. And they will come in and own the market.