The Many Uses of Magnets for Advertising

Car door magnets have become a great way to advertise a business. These temporary signs are an easy way to switch advertising that allows you to use them on many different vehicles. However, not every magnetic sign is created equal. There are some that are stronger than others, so it is a good idea to make sure the type of magnet used for any sign you may need is particularly strong. Door magnets are quite simple to use too! The only type of maintenance needed is a simple cleaning underneath a magnetic sign once a week. This will enable them to ‘stick’ better.


The beauty of using car magnets is that they are easy to remove, so you can enter restricted areas without any problem. Some private areas do not allow businesses to sell or advertise themselves on their premises. When you advertise with magnetic signs, it is as easy as pulling the sign off of your car and putting it in your trunk. The same cannot be said for car wraps that literally cover the entire car. This is great for any business! However, not all car magnets are meant to advertise for a business. They have many other versatile uses too!

    • Express Yourself and Your Sense of Humortruck When you want to express your sense of humor, there is no better way than using humorous car magnets. They are easily interchangeable and are sure to make those around you a smile. For those who want to be unique, you can have your very own personal magnets created. Emblazon your vehicle with a joke or funny phrase! With digital printing, you can also include high quality graphics with a multitude of color choices. Get your point across and change it frequently with the ease of car magnets.
    • Garage Door Magnets for Business and Decoration When thinking out of the box, consider having magnets made that are larger than life, at least big enough to fit on a garage door. vehicle-6This concept is wonderful for realtors or people who wish to sell their homes themselves. Display as much or as little information as you want. High quality magnets will stick to metal garage doors and can even handle the everyday act of opening and closing a garage door. There is a world of decorating possibilities too! Every holiday can be celebrated with magnetic garage door decorations.


  • Magnetized Business Cards
    In today’s hustle and bustle world, there is no better way to promote a business than with magnetic business cards. They adhere to any metal item in homes and businesses, while they are a constant visual reminder of your products and services. Perhaps you just wish to keep your phone number and business hours visible. Either way, magnetic business cards are the business cards that have staying power. They act as tiny magnetic billboards that are constantly working for you. Paper and plastic are thrown away, no matter how well the print is designed or how eye-catching they may be. It is much easier to slap a magnet on a fridge and keep it since it is durable and functions as a paper or picture holder on any metal surface.
  • Fundraising the Magnetic Way
    vehicle8ReplaceUsing magnets for fundraising purposes may not be common…yet. The truth is, there is no better way to raise money for a school or local charity. People love to purchase items that help support and sponsor groups, schools, and organizations in a local community. Consumables such as pizza, chocolate, cookie dough, lollipops, and any other type of food or candy are gone after a short time, and you have nothing to show for your donation. With more people being health conscious, it only makes sense to offer them a product such as a magnet designed with school logos instead of unhealthy food products.


Fundraising magnets can display school names and logos that invoke a sense of pride. Whether they are small or car magnet size, you are giving people a physical object that is not going to diminish over time. Magnets made from high quality material will last a lot longer, long enough for people to remember how much they enjoyed giving to a local school or organization, and it will make them willing to purchase a new one next time you have a fundraiser.