Office Signs: Five Steps to Advertising Success


Dimensional Lettering

You don’t need to be a conventional retail shop in order to justify signage marketing. The truth is, all offices need to establish their presence one way another. Whether your priority is attracting new customers or simply conveying a sense of professionalism, here are five steps to ensure that your office sign will be a success.

Match Your Office Sign Type to Your Business

Believe it or not, there are dozens upon dozens of office sign types. Picking the wrong one just because you like how it looks might not get the best effect. But how do you know which is the right one? Here are some suggestions:

These aren’t hard and fast rules, but they will give you an idea of the kinds of office signs you should seek out to meet your business needs.

Pick the Location for Your Office Sign

Where your sign will be placed is just as important as the type of business you run.

Typically, an office has three essential choices: an indoor sign, a building sign, or a ground sign. A ground sign is a sign placed on your property near a road for maximum visibility. A building sign is placed directly on your building to keep people alert to your company’s presence. An indoor sign can be placed for branding or can be used when you have a lot of foot traffic, as is the case with point of sale signs.

Where will you place your office sign?

Focus on Attention First

While considering the kind of sign you want to have at your office, start paying attention to the advertising that grabs your attention. What do those signs have in common? We’re willing to bet they were in prime locations with some degree of distinction from their surrounding environment. And the most effective signs have a simple message while enticing you to learn more.

Give Your Customers Somewhere to Go

Once you’ve discovered a way to grab customer attention, it’s time to think about the customer’s next step. With some signs, your goal may simply be to identify your business for customers who have already made an appointment. And that’s fine.

But if you want to grab customers who otherwise wouldn’t visit you, how can you entice them in? Think about the promotions you might run. What’s your strongest product, and what would it take to get a customer in for a try?

If this sounds like a lot to handle, simply request a quote from Sign It Quick today. Our experts will help you understand exactly what your office sign needs.