Professional Office Signs in Charleston, SC


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What makes an office sign reflect well on your business? How do you communicate both professionalism and urgency—avoiding a tactless “buy now!” signal while still creating buzz for your company? With professional office signs in Charleston, SC from Sign It Quick, you can create the perfect sign to show off your brand while enticing people to find out more.

Every company is different, but there are a few key principles that seem to work best for our clients. Here’s a quick guide to designing a high quality office sign.

Visibility is King

No matter how professional and how great your sign looks, it doesn’t really change anything about your business unless it’s also highly visible. Visibility can be achieved by putting the sign somewhere high—even by making it stick out like a sore thumb. But if you want to combine visibility with a professional office sign look, here are a few essential tips:

  • Contrast, contrast, contrast. Your sign should contrast with the surrounding environment. A large white sign is great if you’re surrounded by green trees, but if it’s surrounded by white-washed walls… visibility goes back to “low.” Think year-round contrast. Combining two colors, like a blue background and white lettering, is a great way to ensure visibility.
  • It’s not just the physical sign itself that needs visibility—it’s the content of the sign as well. Keep your message simple so you can maximize the readability of all information that is presented on your sign.
  • Use stylish—but legible—font. Legibility is about more than size. The type of font you use is important. While cursive and italics are great for fancy restaurant menus, you want to maintain readability. We recommend font styles like Baskerville, Century Gothic, and Verdana for a professional look.

Once you’ve taken care of visibility, it’s time to move on to the second-most important component of your sign: content.

What Constitutes Professional Sign Content?

If you’re selling hot dogs on the side of the road, it’s simple: you just need a sign that says “Hot Dogs” and advertises a special offer. But what if you’re a dentist’s office or a real estate agency that needs to communicate something about your professionalism?

You can still entice customer action without turning your sign into a carnival attraction. A law firm might offer free consultations, for example—perfectly professional and enticing at the same time. Think about what your potential customers are looking for and really put yourself in their shoes. Chances are, what they’re looking for is the exact information that will be most effective on your professional office sign in Charleston.

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There are many elements that go into a high-quality, professional sign. It’s important to get the elements right the first time. That’s why we invite you to Request a Quote with us here at Sign It Quick. We’ll help fashion a sign that both entices potential leads and communicates the professionalism that is so important to your field.