Sandblasted Signs in Columbia, SC


sandblasted signs

If you want your sign to communicate professionalism, craftsmanship, and quality, then there may be no better option in your arsenal than a Sandblasted Sign. Sandblasted signs in Columbia, SC are used for a range of businesses, from medical to real estate, because they create such a striking visual impression. But why are these signs so effective? And might a sandblasted sign might be the ideal match for your Columbia, SC business? Let’s explore.

What Makes Sandblasted Signs So UniqueSandblasted Signs

There are a lot of different sign types: business yard signs, dimensional lettering, even digital signs. But there’s something special about the sandblasted sign, and for good reason. Sign It Quick sandblasted signs are crafted out of traditional redwood or composite wood, often with raised lettering. The combination of wood and the “carved” look makes a sign “pop” in ways that few other signs can pull off.

Because of their custom-crafted appearance, sandblasted signs tend to communicate both professionalism and quality—even if the name of your business is all that is present on the sign. With potential customers unconsciously associating the appearance of a sign with the quality of the business inside, employing a sandblasted sign can be a boon for your Columbia-based company.

The Benefits of Sandblasted SignsSandblasted Signs

What’s great about sandblasted signs? Here are some key advantages to using these signs:

  • Keep it simple. If you simply want your sign to communicate your business name and phone number, then it’s not a good idea to order a digital sign or even a business yard sign. Those signs are great—but they have special uses, as well. A sandblasted sign is great for establishing your business’s presence without advertising any special offers or events.
  • Fit in with a beautiful landscape. Ever see a beautiful lawn ruined by too many temporary political signs? It’s not a good look. But the natural, wooden texture of sandblasted signs fits right in with a meticulously-manicured landscape, preventing eyesores while still getting your message across.
  • Show people where to turn. A sandblasted display of your street address looks great and communicates to first-time visitors on the road exactly where they can pull in to find your business. This is a much better look for professions such as dentistry or living communities that want to communicate a sense of welcome.
  • Get noticed. The striking, textured look of sandblasted signs is attractive and hard to ignore. Setting up a professional sign is a sure way to create some buzz about your business and attract attention from passersby.

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