Sandblasted Signs in Myrtle Beach, SC


sandblasted signs

The sandblasted sign is often associated with upscale businesses—new real estate ventures, high-end restaurants, and the like. But your business doesn’t have to cater to upscale clientele in order to realize the benefits of these stunning, crafted signs in Myrtle Beach, SC. In fact, you may notice even more results from your marketing efforts once you realize there are plenty of ways to use a great sandblasted sign. Here are some fresh ways to think about one of the best sign styles around.

Make an AnnouncementSandblasted Signs

You might be familiar with the traditional real estate sign: “Future site of…” Typically, these signs include some sort of artist’s conception of the site, which in turn gets people curious about how the project will turn out.

Sandblasted signs don’t have to be solely about real estate. They can also make great signs for many other kinds of future announcements, whether you’re building a new space for your business or expanding your current space. Why sandblasted signs in particular? Well, they offer a professional touch, and they’re simple enough to keep some mystery about what’s in store for your space—which in turn generates more buzz.

Show Off Your Craftsmanship

Businesses that tend to do well with sandblasted signs in Myrtle Beach, SC are those that need to communicate a sense of high-quality craftsmanship. Customers figure that if your sign looks this good… just imagine what’s inside. Whether you have a retail shop, a bakery, or even a dentist’s office, a sandblasted sign is a sure way to communicate the fact that you take your business as seriously as you do your signage.

Choose a Unique Color or Style of WoodSandblasted Signs

The classic sandblasted sign in a traditional wood color is not going out of style anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your own look for a little bit of extra marketing oomf. Different colors tend to work well for different businesses, so put some thought into your choice. Bold colors like red tend to do better for restaurants, while cooler colors including blues and purples communicate a sense of community and welcoming. Whatever your choice is, remember that you don’t always have to go the traditional route. Venturing outside the box can be even more effective.

Supplement a Piece of Your Property

If your property already had something great going for it—brick columns at the entrance, for example—then a sandblasted sign is one of those rare business signs that won’t look out of place in front of it. Although sandblasted signs often make great featured pieces, they can also be used to supplement what you already have going on at your property. This lets you identify your business without distracting from the beauty that’s already there.

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