Avoid These Sign Handling Mistakes to Maximize a Budget



For some businesses, a good sign is the difference between profit and loss.

Not only do they depend on signage for their customers, but their sign budgets sometimes take up so much space on their balance sheet that they consider doing away with them altogether. But there are ways to get the most value out of every investment in signage you make—so long as you properly care for your signs and work to maximize their value:

Cleaning and Reusing Your Banners

To get the most use out of your banners, you should immediately plan for repeat use. Don’t buy a banner for one offer and then toss it out when you’re done—instead, store it when you’re not using it and keep it handy for another day.

If you want your banner to reflect well on your business when you take it back out of storage, you’re going to have to keep it clean. Use simple mild soap and water for cleaning banners—anything too harsh has a chance of reacting with the banner and damaging the lettering.

Think of a banner like a poster; you’d never want to fold it, because when you bring it out again, the creases will completely wreck its value. Roll up your banners and store them in a dry place out of sight at the office.

Planning Your Signage Placement

Even before you’re sure what kind of sign you want, you should know where on your property you can best display a sign to attract the most eyes. For retail shops with a lot of window shoppers, that will mean window decals. For companies on a busy road, it might mean attaching a banner to your large metal sign out front.

Signage placement is key to getting the most out of your investment; place your sign somewhere out of mind and your customers won’t be draw to it. Be bold with your choices. Place a Point of Sale sign right where customers can see it when they first walk in your door. Pay attention to foot traffic in your business and don’t choose a signage location lightly.

Handling Magnetic Vehicle Signs

You’d be surprised at how much dirt and grime can build up on a magnetic sign and on a car in as little as two weeks. That’s why we recommend taking off the magnetic vehicle signs twice a month, washing your car and the signs themselves, and then waiting until both are thoroughly dry before putting them on again.

The key here: don’t rely on rain to keep your sign clean. You’d be surprised at what kind of debris rain can transport when beading down the side of a car. And you don’t want dirty, ineffectual signs to be the most visible part of your business. You want to look like a business worthy of your customers’ patronage.

If you want more signage tips or are interested in working with an experienced sign company, contact us and tell us what you need to stretch your sign budget as much as possible.