Three Sign Techniques to Multiply Your Profits

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When you buy a sign with little thought about its design, you hang it up with very little thought about its location, and you expect money to roll in effortlessly, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped. You might have acquired a sign, but you haven’t acquired the knowledge that makes signs effective.

At Sign It Quick, we incorporate a synergistic strategy for your sign: we want you to incorporate real marketing techniques with the sign so as to enhance the profits you earn on each and every sign. How do you do that? Here are three techniques that will change the way you view the ordinary sign and will stop the bad habit of putting up a sign without a thought:

Technique #1: Take your current color scheme and boost the contrast.

You might have seen some of our sign tips on color contrast before, and if so, you know that grey on black isn’t ideal; black on white offers more contrast and therefore more visibility. No matter what color your logo already is, there are ways to enhance your readability. Do you have a blue and green logo? Pick one of the colors, like blue, and put it over white. Do you have a red and grey logo? Then keep red as your primary color and use backgrounds like white or even yellow.

Contrast isn’t just about color scheme, however; it’s also about the environment in which your sign will appear. Illuminated signs contrast against the night. Sandblasted signs contrast against bushes, mulch, and trees. Know your environment first, then think about the kind of sign you want. The difference in visibility will yield more customers and, therefore, profits.

Technique #2: Think about your “information flow.”

If you click our free marketing download, you’ll hear tips on “information flow” on CD 1. In it, our founder gives an example of two different restaurants: in restaurant one, the restauranteur doesn’t understand information flow. He advertises his basic menu, even though he’s a good chef.

In restaurant two, the owner does understand marketing flow. He might be a so-so chef, and he ran an ad just like the first owner…a deal for lobster. He did well. But he did something that the first restauranteur didn’t see: he created an email to send out to all of the local CEOs in the city with advertisement for a free dessert.

Think about information flow with your own sign. Encourage people to write down their email in exchange for a chance at a free dinner—or whatever it is your company might offer. Now, not only are you running an ad that other businesses can see, but you’re capturing e-mails that you can use in the future. You’re marketing and keeping the information flowing to your company, allowing each sign to earn money not once, but twice.

Technique #3: Watch the traffic in your business.

If you’re using a point of sale sign or something similar and you want to take advantage of the foot traffic in your business, you’re going to have to study it. Don’t just place a sign where there’s space. Really take some time and attention and ask yourself where you can best reach your potential customers when they need a place to look.

In a grocery store, this might include a sign at the beginning of the check-out counter. In a bank, this might be a sign that encourages people to write down their email to enter a contest right after they walk in. The key here: remember that foot traffic is valuable. Foot traffic is “information,” and what you do with that information will help determine whether your sign does just “okay” or if it outperforms your wildest expectations.

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