Sign Tips that Change the Way You See Customers



If you’re not getting customers, it might not have anything to do with your location, your niche, or anything of the sort. In fact, the problem may lie with you.

Specifically, it may lie with the way in which you view customers. If you’ve ever purchased a sign for your business, then you know just how tricky it can be to attract new customers—unless you’re thinking about them the right way. But what exactly is the right way? Here are some tips you’ll learn if you download our free marketing CD:  

Tip #1: People are attracted to interesting things.

True, it’s not entirely earth-shattering. But when’s the last time you applied this knowledge?

Far too many sign owners give customers too much credit. They think that they’ll put up a sign, a potential customer will come along, give them the time of day to read it all, and then make a choice based on the logic presented by the sign.

Anyone who’s ever put a sign in front of their business knows that this is not how people fundamentally work.

Like any member of the animal kingdom, we as humans are attracted to interesting things. Bright lights. Food samples being given out. Crowds. Interesting contrasts. The same things that anyone would be interested in.

Stop trying to appeal to the logic of your potential customers and ask yourself how you can create a sign that will engage them on a deeper, more emotional level. What will be fascinating enough to make people turn their heads and stop what they’re doing? That’s the way to think about signage—not to appeal to peoples’ desire to read and do your sales work for you.

Tip #2: Make “mental deposits.”

When you interact with any lead or customer, one of two things will happen: you will make a “mental deposit” or you’ll make a “mental withdrawal.” What do we mean by that? Every time you interact with a customer, you should be able to provide something of value to them. That’s as true for signs that intrigue customers with their boldness, their contrast, and their promise of reward as it is for any time you deal with customers as a business owner.

The more you put deposits in this mental bank, the better your reputation will tend to be. Robert Cialdini in his famous book “Persuasion” calls this principle “reciprocity.” People feel indebted to the people they take from. If you’ve provided value to someone in the form of a sign with free samples, for example, you’re far more likely to generate buzz than if the sign were just sitting there, doing nothing at all.

If you want to learn more about signage and marketing, then don’t work with any old signage company that doesn’t care about your results with customers. Work with an experienced company and contact Sign It Quick to learn how to make your signs work for you—and how to view customers in a way that will attract them to you, not repel them away.