Seven Areas of Signage and Branding Most Companies Forget



Put up a sign and your customers will find you.

That’s the logic of most business owners, but if you don’t want to be like most business owners, you’ll need to step a little further outside the box. After all, “if you build it, they will come” quite literally refers to the “Field of Dreams”–if you want to make your company’s success a reality, you’re going to remember what other companies forget.

To that end, we’ve put together seven areas in signage and branding that most companies simply ignore.

Vehicle Optimization

vehicle wraps

If you run a service-based company in areas like plumbing, contracting, construction, catering, and more, your vehicle is part of your way of doing business. Many business owners forget about the chance to optimize their vehicle with car decals, car door magnets, and vehicle wraps. Sure, you might not win over every customer that you come across on the road–in fact, most companies couldn’t handle even 1% of the potential customers they encounter on the road–but you want to build yourself up as a memorable brand. You want someone out there to think, “well, I need my sink fixed–what was the name of that company car I saw? Oh, right…”

Point of Sale Signs

point of sale signs

The reason PoS or Point-of-Sale signs have their own category is because they work: they reach the customer at a precious moment in time: when they’ve already made a purchasing decision. If you have accessories, deals, coupons, or more that you want to promote, an attention-grabbing point-of-sale sign is the way to do it.

Illuminated and Backlit Signs

back lit signs for businesses

If you have a 24-hour business, then you’re going to need light, period. It is just part of the nature of owning a 24-hour business. But even businesses that aren’t open all day long can benefit from using illuminated signs to draw attention to their business even when they’re not at work.

Business Yard Signs

business yard signs

If you have a temporary site that you’re using, you’ll still want to brand yourself. There’s a reason that construction companies will put up temporary business yard signs on a piece of land they’re working–they want people to see what kind of project they’re working on. Real estate agents are also adept at this, as they recognize that “for sale” signs aren’t just ways to alert customers–they’re also marketing opportunities.

Trade Show Displays


If you want your business to get even more attention within your industry, then attending a trade show and putting on a demonstration is one of the quickest ways to ensure you stand out–as long as you also stand out at the trade show with an effective and interesting trade show display.

Digital Displays


If you work in a more tech-oriented industry, then a business yard sale sign isn’t going to be appropriate; you need something that reflects your offerings. A digital display in a lobby is a great way to show off your abilities to prospective clients, hires, and more.

Sandblasted Signs
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.49.28 PM

There’s nothing quite like a sandblasted sign to get across the quality of your services–and, therefore, the quality of your brand.

No matter what your business is, there’s always a way to expand and improve upon the way your brand comes across. Which one of these strategies will you now remember to include in your marketing strategy?