Signage Mistakes Made by Businesses

ADA Compliant Signs

Basic logic dictates that signs are supposed to grab customer attention, draw them to your business, and help you make a sale.

Unfortunately, business owners across the country are constantly shelling out money for signs that don’t only fail to live up to these standards, but outright ignore them or even repel customers.

Since signage is our business, we never like to see an honest business spend good money only to see it go down the drain. Unfortunately, if your sign commits one of the following three errors, that could be the case in your own signage.

Mistake #3: No Visibility

A sign can be effective, clear, direct, and attention grabbing…yet if someone were put in the middle of an empty field where no one can see it, you would be able to diagnose their problem immediately.

Yet many business owners make this signage mistake without realizing it. Common problems include a similarity in colors between a sign and its environment (the camouflage effect), signs that are too low, signs that are too high, and signs with so many words that they become unreadable. If you want your signage to not only stand out, but also to draw attention, it needs to be visible and readable.

Mistake #2: Over-designing

The instinct to perfect a sign with endless editing and revising is understandable, but good intentions alone won’t make a quality sign. Some of the most common problems with signs are that they just aren’t simple enough, for a number of reasons:

  • Overly elaborate and unreadable “wedding invitation” style fonts
  • So much text that the central message gets lost
  • Dividing the message of the sign; trying to accomplish too much at once
  • Providing so many different colors that there’s no branding
  • Placing too much emphasis on the logo and not enough emphasis on the customer message
  • Worrying about the visual impact more than the central message of what your business has to offer the customer

These mistakes are subtle, but you’ll sometimes find that they’re especially harmful because business owners see a beautiful design and don’t want to take the sign down. What they fail to realize is that effectiveness is often more important than visual attractiveness, especially when it comes to your end goal, which is to bring in more customers.

Mistake #1: Spelling, Grammar, and Logical Errors

There’s an old saying that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” But sure there is! Embarrassing publicity is bad publicity, and one of the quickest ways to ensure a small business is embarrassed is by making obvious mistakes in the language of the signage.

If you want to be sure that your sign is delivering everything it needs to–with none of the mistakes you read above–then be sure to request a quote with us and see what we can do to help your business generate more attention. The good kind, of course.