5 Things You Didn’t Know About South Carolina Signage


Still think that consumers don’t respond to signs? Believe that even the best signage gets lost in the noise of advertising? We’ve dug up some surprising statistics to show you that the opposite is true: good signage in South Carolina has a stellar record with consumers of all types. Here are five things you didn’t know about signage done well.

Most people say they will enter a new store based on its signage alone.

Think that signage doesn’t have an effect on your foot traffic? Think again. A study by the University of Cincinnati found that nearly 75 percent of those surveyed would enter a new store based solely on their signage.

What does this mean for you? It means window lettering isn’t just a way to fill up those big windows of yours. They’re genuine “lead-generators” that help boost your business.

Signage boosts word-of-mouth.Custom Window Decals

Maybe you haven’t invested in signage because you think that word-of-mouth marketing is more effective. But what if we told you that the same study referenced above also found that signage has potential to boost the word-of-mouth buzz you’re searching for? About the same amount of respondents who said they would enter in a new business based on its signage alone reported that they would tell others about a business simply based on the quality of their signs.

Our conclusion? There’s a difference between hoping for word-of-mouth and making it happen.

Only quality signage leaves a positive impression.

If the statistics we provide above are true, why hasn’t your business generated more income because of your old signage? Simple: quality matters. Some 50% of survey respondents to the University of Cincinnati reported that bad signage would discourage them from entering a new business.

That means you can’t simply invest in signage and hope for the best. You need to work with an experienced sign company that knows how to generate business.

Good signage boosts impulse purchases.signage for businesses

There’s a lot of power to signage, thanks to impulse purchases. According to Visualogistix.com, 68 percent of consumers report they’ve made a purchase because they spotted a sign first. That doesn’t even refer to point-of-sale signs, which are specifically targeted to those customers who might make an impulse purchase. There’s a reason they put candy bars and gum next to the check-out aisle in the grocery store, and it’s not because grocery stores want to lose money.

Effective signage is an investment in your marketing.

The same report from Visualogistix found that having even one additional sign on your location can boost sales revenues by almost 5 percent on average. You know how important of a swing that can be for your bottom line.

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