How to Master the Art of the Business Yard Sign



business yard signs

Have you ever dialed a number that you first saw on a business yard sign?

If so, you know the importance of yard signs in getting potential customers to take action. But before that happens, you should know what it is that drew your eye in the first place–and what you can do to draw the eyes of your potential customers.

Contrast from the Surrounding Environment

Want your sign to actually get read? Then don’t create a sign without first considering the visual environment in which it will appear. You wouldn’t put a dark blue sign in the ocean, after all–don’t let your sign get lost in the trees, brush, or urban landscape that surrounds it. Instead, you’ll want to contrast with the surrounding environment while still maintaining a professional look and feel. (Polka dots might help the sign attract eyes, but there are good ways and bad ways to stand out).

color contrast tips

Keep our contrast and visibility tips in mind when designing a business yard sign: the background of the sign should be highly visible compared to the surrounding environment and the text should be readable when contrasted with the sign’s background color. It might sound like a lot to consider, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not very difficult at all.

Set at the Eye Level of the Audience

Visibility isn’t only about colors and contrast when it comes to business yard signs: you also need your sign to physically be at typical eye level of anyone passing by. Whether your yard sign will mostly cater to foot traffic or street traffic is a crucial distinction. A sign that’s designed to meet the eye line of street traffic will probably seem “too big” for foot traffic; signs for foot traffic will go unnoticed by cars on the street.

Take a gander at many of the business yard signs we’ve created in the past; you’ll find a range of heights, fonts, and colors. You can guess which business yard signs are designed for which type of traffic just by looking at them. Don’t ignore this crucial distinction in your own business yard signs, either.

Emphasize What’s Most Important

Imagine your ideal customer reading the sign. They give the sign their full attention, check out your message, and are interested enough in your services to want to know more. Now comes the critical question:

What’s next?

If your sign is part of your marketing efforts, then you’re going to want to emphasize the all-important next step: what the customer should do with the information on the sign. Usually this comes down to placing a phone number in big, bold lettering; you’ll see many real estate yard signs make a point of highlighting a phone number with high-contrast lettering.

Emphasize this next step by making it nearly as large–if not larger–than the largest font on the sign. Unless your customer knows what’s next, your sign might as well be blank.

If you want to know more about business yard signs and work with experienced signage experts, be sure to contact us and let us know what your business needs to stand out.