Three Types of Businesses that Get the Most from Backlit Signs

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Maybe they’re driving after sunset, when it’s just a little more difficult to make out each and every sign from a distance. They’re looking for your product or service, to be sure, but since they’re driving, they only have a little attention to give the business signs they encounter. Ultimately, only the most obvious and attention-grabbing signs will make their way through.

In this scenario, the backlit sign is an obvious necessity for your business; particularly if you’re open after hours and you want to generate as much business as possible. But are backlit signs only appropriate for companies that are open after 6 p.m.? You’d be surprised. Let’s take a look at the types of businesses that benefit the most from attention-grabbing backlit signs.

Type #1: Businesses with a message. Sure, a backlit sign helps any business stand out from the crowd. But sometimes your signage isn’t only for your business; it’s for the kind of product or service or message you want to get across. For example, any organization that has signage allowing for customized lettering (such as a gas station or a restaurant advertising new deals) will want to make their message as easy as possible to see.

Without all of that backlit contrast providing a template for that message, you’d be surprised at how often it can get lost in the shuffle. If your business ever runs specialized messages or deals, make sure that you make these easy to read from the road with a backlit sign.

Type #2: Businesses with automated service. Banks (with ATMs that run all night long) are a prime example of a business that runs with an automated service. The business itself might not be open, but a backlit sign demonstrates to your audience that you’re still “open for business” in one way or another. Gas stations that run credit card machines all night long work on the same principle.

If your business has any sort of service that goes into the night—automated or run by people—you’ll want a backlit sign to alert people that you’re ready to accept their business.

Type #3: Service-oriented businesses. The backlit “open/closed” sign is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate that you’re ready to help someone out. Restaurants in particular need “open/closed” signs to show whether or not potential customers can come in for something to eat.

Truth be told, all businesses can stand to use a backlit sign to stand out, particularly in areas with lots of competition. Even if you’re closed all night long, a backlit sign can announce your presence to an entirely new audience. But the businesses above really need to make sure that they consider backlit signs to get their message across, even if that message is as simple as “we’re open for business.” Attracting attention, guiding customers to the right place, and enticing people to try you out might sound like a tall order from a sign…until you see what a backlit sign can do for your company.