Tips and Tricks to Get Your Signs Seen from a Distance


back lit signs for businesses

You invest a lot in your sign. That doesn’t just refer to dollars and cents, either—you invest your hopes for more customers, you invest your energy, and you invest your time. You hope that once you put up your sign, high-quality leads and customers will come pouring in the front door, all but assuring you a prospering business and an early retirement.

There’s just one problem: no one can see your sign from far away.

It’s one of the most common mistakes in signage: even high-quality sign companies will put a lot of time and effort into creating a truly beautiful sign…only for the sign to become completely invisible to anyone further than twenty yards away.

If you want your company to truly draw the attention of your potential customers, you don’t only need a quality sign—you need a quality sign that gets seen—even from far away.

Enhancing Your Sign’s “Contrast”

If you want your sign to get seen, it all comes down to one element: contrast. Contrast is what allows you to read the words you see right here—dark letters on a light background. But when it comes to signage, there are really two types of contrast to which you need to pay attention:

  • Coloring and lettering contrast: Take a look at some of our favorite contrasts to see what works best: a stark difference between letter and background. Whether you use yellow on red, white on black, or green on white doesn’t really matter, so long as the letter and the background are clearly different shades.
  • Contrasting with the environment: Here’s the mistake most sign companies make: they create their sign in a vacuum. They take no time to consider what might be near the sign. Even if you have a white background with bright green lettering, there’s a chance that your sign will get lost in the shuffle if it’s near some bright green trees.

If you want your sign to be seen and read, you’ll have to pay attention to both types of contrast to ensure maximum readability.

Do Your Audience’s Work for Them

It’s a mistake to assume that your sign will be so impressive that people will take the time to come close to it and read what you have to say. Customers are busy. They’re concerned about their own lives. The only way they’re going to give the time of day to a sign on the street is if that sign demands their attention.

You can accomplish this with contrasting colors: see the above. But you can also accomplish that with big, bold letters and short, terse headlines. “FREE BUFFET” attracts people; posting an entire menu and expecting people to find the free buffet contained therein is equivalent to giving people homework.

Don’t give your customers homework, because they’ll never do it. They’re too busy. Work with a signage company that understands the principles of good signage and works to provide those principles to your next marketing effort. Request a quote from Sign it Quick today.