Vehicle Branding: Custom Signs For Your Car


vehicle graphics

You’re interested in more customers just as any business is. But you’re out of ideas as to how to reach them. Have you considered vehicle branding? Custom signs for your car like vehicle wraps, magnets, and graphics could significantly boost your marketing efforts. Here are seven reasons your business should consider vehicle branding.

You’d be amazed at how many people see your vehicle every year.

If your car spends any reasonable amount of time on the road every year, chances are that it gets seen by millions upon millions of drivers. If just a small fraction of those drivers happens to be in your target market—and happen to remember your business—then you stand to get a lot of new customers simply by adding a custom sign to your car.

Branding, branding, branding.

Another word for branding in this case: memorability. Simply put, you need to be remembered. If you sell a service to someone, they need to think about your brand as soon as they have a need to be filled. With custom signs on your car, it’s hard to ignore your branding.

Flexible commitment options.

When most people hear the term “vehicle branding,” they think that your car is going to be painted over and completely overhauled to get a new look. That’s certainly an option. But car door magnets are another great vehicle branding method that is easy to attach, detach, and customize. Simply remove them when you’re off-duty and your car is once again ready for personal use.

Vehicle branding only requires an upfront investment.

Most advertising methods require an initial charge and then an ongoing fee, often on a month-to-month basis. But once you acquire custom signage for your car, you’re free to use it at your leisure. You’ll still have access to millions of customers per year—all by simply driving your car around.

Getting custom signs for your car is easier than you think.

The idea of a vehicle wrap might sound complicated. But at Sign It Quick, our custom vehicle wraps and graphics can be much easier when you leave the work to us. We can design and create the decals and graphics for your vehicle, plus, we can install the order so that your car looks perfect every time you try it out.

Some businesses are ideal for custom car signs and graphics.

Any business that requires direct, mobile service generally benefits from vehicle graphics. After all, you’re on the road for a major part of the day, and people expect you to have a custom-branded vehicle.

Plumbers, contractors, cleaners, electricians, pest control specialists—the list of businesses that can benefit from vehicle advertising goes on and on.

Vehicle branding can help you maximize your marketing ROI.

Don’t believe us? Request a quote from Sign It Quick to see how easy it is to turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement. You might be surprised to see just how much advertising you can get for a single, upfront investment.