Vehicle Wraps: Get Seen by Millions of People Every Year

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vehicle wraps

If we told you that there was an easy, cost-effective way to get your brand seen by thousands, hundreds of thousands, and maybe even multiple millions of people every year, would you take us up on it?

Good. Because we have exactly the solution: vehicle wraps and graphics.

Initially, it doesn’t quite sound intuitive that a single, simple purchase could get your brand seen by millions of people every year. Not until you look into the world of vehicle wraps and realize just how often your service car or van is really spent on the road.

“But I don’t have a car that’s constantly on the road!”

Experts say that some 17 to 20 million people will see the average car on the American road. Granted, not all of these people will be qualified leads—and not everyone will give your car a second glance.

Vehicle wraps and graphics, however, can fix all that.

Some brands lend themselves naturally to vehicle wraps and graphics. Contractors and plumbers, for example, travel around with veritable banners on the sides of their vans just waiting to be exploited with the proper branding. Promotional cars that are taken to trade shows and on sales calls will also see a lot of exposure to the road.

But even if you don’t think your company necessarily has the right “kind of business” for vehicle wraps, consider this: you want a “man bites dog” story working in your favor. The old adage in media is that “dog bites man” isn’t interesting because it happens all the time; it’s “man bites dog” that’s interesting. It’s the same with cars on the road. People are so used to seeing plumbers with their logo on the side of their vans that they tune them out.

Your business, however? Your business can be a unique proposition indeed.

Your Vehicle Signage Options

There are a few different options you have when it comes to vehicle signage:

Window perfs are signs that go over the window—even while the drivers and passengers can see outside just fine.

Magnetic vehicle signs add your contact information without the “flashy” look, if you don’t think that look suits your brand. You can still communicate a sense of professionalism and first-rate service and advertise the relevant contact information you need to advertise.

When you work with Sign It Quick, we can handle every step of the process, from designing and creating your vehicle’s decals to installing and implementing them. If you want to save money, we even give you a free download of step-by-step vehicle signage instructions so you can take your Sign It Quick sign and get to work with it immediately.

If enough eyes haven’t seen your business this year, it’s time to talk to Sign It Quick. Contact our signage and marketing people to get your brand seen by millions of people every year.