Versatile Ready to Apply Graphics Go from Business to Home Applications

versatile ready to apply graphics

The use of sign vinyl has transformed into the growing interest of using it for interior décor as well as all of the applications currently used for businesses. While using ready to apply graphics for the purpose of business normally includes applying it to a window or other smooth surfaces, using it at home introduces a few challenges. It is not impossible and adds a beautiful design element to walls that can start conversations, completely changing the feel of a room.

What kind of vinyl material should be used?

Using the same type of vinyl for glass will not produce the best ready to apply graphics to an interior wall. Applying graphics to a wall requires a matte finish, and they need to be removable. This requires a different kind of adhesive other than what is used for commercial grade vinyl graphics. Since interior lighting can tend to make ready to apply graphics glare, it is necessary to use a matte finish. This type of vinyl tends to be rare in the sign industry, but it is not impossible to order. It is perfect for making wall words for businesses as well.

To Stick or Not to Stick

Self-adhesive vinyl for outside purposes and interior wall purposes differ since outdoor adhesive is stronger. This is simply because outdoor graphics tend to be meant for long-term use. Indoor ready to apply graphics are intended to be removed and repositioned as needed. This also applies to trade show graphics and promotional graphics for retail stores. Since permanent adhesive can damage paint on walls, it is not recommended to use commercial graphics on interior walls.

Ready to Apply Graphic Challenges

Surface Challenges – There are many surface challenges that are going to influence ready to apply graphics placement. The use of commercial graphics requires that custom made graphics adhere to industry standard surfaces, such as plastic, glass, and aluminum. Those types of surfaces are smooth and create a perfect bond between strong adhesive and substrates.

Rough and Porous Textures – Vinyl is not meant to be applied to a porous or rough surface, however with the proper vinyl materials, it is possible to create ready to apply graphics that work well. There are many air pockets that prevent vinyl graphics from adhering to rough textured surfaces which degrades the quality of work put into ready to apply graphics. Attempting to apply such graphics on a painted wall that is textured is nearly impossible. Bonds that are meant to be strong with flush surfaces are weakened the more porous a surface may be. Before ordering ready to apply graphics, it is always a good idea to work closely with professional graphic and vinyl lettering professionals. They can help you create the graphics you desire.